After a long thought, you finally decide that live streaming is a good idea and will be beneficial to business. You start acquiring all the essential materials and make preparations for the day. Be it a product launch or a live interview or a “How-To” video- your live broadcast requires enough preparation and advertising to become attractive and engaging when you finally share on social media.

Taking a resolution and acquiring the necessary equipment to do a live stream for your target audience is actually the first step in live streaming. Even after you decide and make everything ready, there is a lot more that needs to be done to attract the audience and keep them engaged. Even though content lies at the base of everything, there are things that need your attention for the live broadcast to be a nominal success. If you wish it to be a massive success you must never forget to take care of these things that we mentioned. Check them out.

ways to attract and engage social media audience

8 Ways to Attract Your Social Media Audience to Your Live Stream

Content Rehearsal

Rehearse your content until you perfect it. Rehearse it so that there will be no stutters or silly mistakes. Every inch of your content should be in your mind with the timing narrowed down to the second. Make sure that no sudden last-minute changes occur in the script so that everything goes smoothly.

Check the equipment beforehand

Operate the entire equipment- the camera, the microphone, the internet connection, the router, the cables and your live streaming device many times before the broadcast. Be familiar with all your devices and their operations before you live stream.

Advertise the right way

Go where the audience is. Create a bizarre yet attractive banner and share it on your website, social media page and let people know about the live stream. Cut teasers telling them of “what they are in for” in the live stream. Raise sufficient awareness about the event.

Be thorough

In each of your preparations. From the lighting necessities to the camera positioning, you must be prepared with the right choices. Bad lighting leads to bad video quality. The right camera angle is a necessity when you are unboxing a product or doing a “How-To-Do” video.

Be Ready with backup

Keep backup for your internet connection and power. Failing to keep these ready can be disastrous to your broadcasts especially when you live stream an important event on social media websites or when you live broadcast to YouTube.

Allow some time for queries

In order to keep your audience engaged, you must allow some time for them. Encourage them to pose questions and try to answer them. The foolproof plan for this will be leaving out some key points in your content intentionally and letting the audience figure them out and query about them. You can observe this in the case of Celebrity interviews all the time when they live stream for their fans on Facebook/ Twitter/ Periscope.

Make sure there are no delays

Select a time. Emphasize on that in every one of your posts reminding the event. Start the event right on time and end it exactly. Unnecessary delays will just make you lose the audience that is already online.

Select a live video streaming platform

The platform should allow you to host all your video along with letting you live stream to multiple platforms. The Freedocast live streaming device and platform allows you to simultaneously broadcast on Facebook, Youtube, Periscope/ Twitter and your personal RTMP URLs.

By keeping these things in mind you’ll be able to attract the kind of audience you wish and keep them engaged at the same time too.


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