Live Broadcasting has become popular, way faster than anyone has expected. The usage of the Internet which has flourished at an alarming rate has created an immense level of opportunities for people to present their content online live. Due to many reasons, live and raw content attracts more audience than the recorded ones.

It can be the urge to be a part of something big even virtually, like a music show or the speech of an eminent personality that is for sure going to be a topic at lunch, or it can be the expectancy of danger in some events like crashes in car races, or the chance of a person falling down when he is attempting a feat like walking on wire between two buildings.

The ease of live streaming right from the mobiles has been another factor which has contributed to the rise in live broadcasting of events. Every small and large event happening around the world are being live streamed by enthusiasts who want to share an experience with other people, or by those who wish to monetize the opportunity.

Either way, live streaming had impacted our lives in a positive way. The usage perhaps is more in one sector than other. Let us see the sectors that can benefit the most from live streaming.


Education can be perhaps the most benefited sector because of live streaming. We already made it our highest priority that knowledge should be available to everyone. With live streaming, the reach got infinitely higher. For business or for philanthropic reasons, live streaming of classes sure does bring a considerable number of benefits to the table. With live streaming, one can now learn a course from the other end of the world that can prove valuable to his already established career. This also helps the people with ample teaching skills but fewer resources to get the attention of the right people and make a career out of it.


We have already witnessed the power of cameras and recordings by the common people that changed many things in the world. This power is probably the only thing that scares people in powerful and recognizable positions and keeps them in check whenever they feel courageous enough to cross the line. Live stream hands this power to every individual where the individual can directly make it available to the audience as the event is happening.

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With recording, there is always a danger of the evidence of a crime getting destroyed before it reaches the right hands. Live stream erases this time gap and the information transfer becomes almost immediate. Once the stream is up, the people watching can become aware of the danger (if there is one) the broadcaster is in and can take the necessary measures to ensure the safety. The live streams not only enhance the power of journalists but extends it to the common people giving rise to the hope of extra safety.


Police are the people that have the power to affect the common population and they are the ones that are most affected when there is a disturbance. The behavior of police officers towards the public is widely dependent on the region they are in. Every person from a rich neighborhood gets respect while any person from a poor neighborhood is looked at as a criminal. This is true in almost every part of the world irrespective of the nation that you are living in.

Simultaneously, when there is a police encounter or a public disturbance, any violence irrespective of the facts is immediately blamed on the police. The police are never shown mercy when they are injured in a riot nor they will be at the receiving end of the benefit of the doubt if any of the public gets injured. Live stream from body cameras can put a check to this and makes it possible to assess the situations as they are happening instead of waiting for an inquiry long after the event. It can stop the public too if they become aware that a backup unit is watching their actions in live and they can be liable for any malpractice.

In the Education and Journalism sector from the above and many other sectors, though can be managed with Cellphone cameras, live stream devices like Freedocast will let you use better resolution cameras and help you with the quality. With the additional features like branding, Analytics, Geo-Blocking, Ad integration etc., live stream can be made as professional as possible, giving the viewers the same quality of a live tv channel.

These are just some examples of How live streaming can change lives for the better.

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