Live streaming can be done using any type of camera, but some cameras are best suited for live streaming than others. Cameras like USB Cameras and Analog Cameras can capture and can transmit the video, but one does not offer the necessary high-resolution output and the other requires adapters and a number of connecting cables for the output. While the fact that any Camera with a proper HDMI Output can be used for live broadcasting, there are some that are best suited for the job than other. We have listed the types here along with the details as to how they are best suited for the job and their minute inadequacies for you to obtain a better understanding when starting a live stream. Check them out.

HDMI Cameras

HDMI Live Streaming CameraProbably the best of Cameras with a vast number of choices to choose from. From beginners to professionals, HDMI Cameras lie in every range and every option one feels essential. The built-in HDMI port transmits the live feed to the live streaming device or broadcaster software which in turn is telecast to the world. HDMI Cameras are the best option for entry-level live streamers who are still experimenting with their broadcasts.

Serial Digital Interface Cameras

SDI Live Stream CameraSDI Cameras are the best for professional broadcasters who stream for a long time. Packed with a high-power battery to run for longer hours, these cameras record at a resolution as high as 4K. Available as SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI and 6G-SDI, Serial Digital interface cameras come with a broad range of possibilities and high-speed transmission wiring connection required for professional broadcasting purposes like news, etc. They also offer better audio with the inbuilt microphones where other cameras fail to do so. While most SDI Cameras comprise an HD SDI connection the upcoming generations also possess HDMI connections to connect to any devices necessary. These Cameras are costly but offer the best possible output than any other in the market.

DSLR Cameras

DSLR Live Streaming CameraDSLR Cameras fall in between the HDMI and SDI Cameras in the usage range. While the cameras are highly functional, fully capable of producing a 4K resolution video, and let the users take still photographs while recording a video, their usage can be limited by the viewfinder which also displays various functions of the camera like battery life, etc. The latest of DSLR cameras come with an option that can turn off this display, but the option is limited to only some of the models. They also offer a slightly inferior quality audio to the aforementioned models but that can be defeated with the use of a microphone. Another limitation of DSLR Cameras is that they are not meant for an extended usage outdoors as they tend to heat up after continuous streaming.

Other than these, USB, IP, and Go Pro Cameras can also be used as live streaming cameras depending on the essentiality.

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