Video broadcasting comes with an immense pressure to get it all right from the beginning. Doing a live stream is just like going live on Television but with limited resources. Provided that a live streamer follows certain measures, perfecting a broadcast seems like an easy task.

But there are some mistakes that one must essentially avoid, to make your live stream worth watching. These mistakes though seemLive Streaming Mistakes, can cause catastrophic damages to the broadcast and the broadcaster. These are the kind of mistakes that can not only ruin your live stream but can also prevent the audience from coming back in the future.

Alongside the mistakes like Poor video/ audio quality and lack of adequate preparation, here are some of the most common live streaming mistakes that are to be avoided at any cost.

Lacking adequacy in preparation

Power backups, lighting backups, batteries, cables, second pieces of key equipment etc., should be labeled and kept ready in a place so that any person can find them.

Observing Sound Quality

Double checking the sound clarity before the stream starts is a standard. But what of after the live stream starts? You must know if your audio is up and running or is it broken. Accidentally clicking the mute button is also something that needs attention.


Live streams mostly contain a single background. Making sure that it isn’t distractive in any way can be profoundly helpful.

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Locations are one of the most overlooked factors in a live stream. Having a room to your shoot isn’t the only prerequisite for doing a live broadcast. Choose locations that are devoid of noises and any other outward disturbances.

Being Late

Being late can be catastrophic in a live stream. Few minutes can be negligible but later than that, you could lose half your viewers before you can even start. Displaying a simple image telling them that the broadcast will start in a few minutes before the broadcast starts might prove useful in these situations.

Making the first impression

Content must be prepared in an engaging way such as that the audience is glued to the stream. The presentation in the first five minutes should let the audience know that the video is worth their time.

Bandwidth availability

If you are using a live streaming platform, find out beforehand about the assigned bandwidth that is available in your account. It is essential for the first timers to call the support of the platform provider and check if the live stream is running properly.

Avoiding live broadcasting mistakes like these will help you make your live stream look professional and will attract more viewers the next time. Make sure the video of your live stream is available on the internet and ask the users to share as much as they can.

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