Creating a great live stream video requires plenty of time and energy. The setting up of equipment, lighting, sound, not to mention the research that goes into preparing your material, the practice it takes to present the content right and the actual presentation is an overwhelming amount of work that cannot be easily reproduced. And all of this work goes to waste if the live videos you make are not recorded and repurposed to use later.

Live Video StreamRepurposing a live stream video means using the recorded live stream video to promote your future live streams later. If you have great content in your live stream, you can divide the video into bits and share them on social media platforms. Post-event marketing is as important as pre-event marketing. We have discussed methods of increasing the audience reach by promoting your event online for weeks before the live-event in our previous article “How to Advertise your Pre-Planned Live Streaming Event on Social Media”.

This brings the audience to your event and after the stream, the video will not be available anywhere except the platform on which you streamed which restricts your reach of a new audience after the event. Repurposing lets you make use of this situation by letting you reach a new audience after the event which in turn will reflect in your future streams.

Platforms like Freedocast offer features like Live DVR which records and archives live streams in your account. The audience who have already watched your live stream can open the video and watch it again. You can also share the link in social media platforms to gain a new audience, but it wouldn’t provide the audience with the faintest idea of what the video is about. Besides, all the latest studies suggest that the audience are more interested to watch short 2-3-minute videos than an hour-long one.

So, it makes more sense to separate the best sections of your video and share them separately on various media. You can also upload the summary of the video by trimming it while making sure to maintain the gist of your content. You can also turn it into a podcast and share it on various podcast websites to increase the rich. Making a blog post on the content explained in the video and sharing it on your blog or on guest posting sites will also help you reach more people. Make sure you inform the audience of your next live streaming event or direct them to your website or channel.

Doing all these regularly will certainly increase your audience reach and helps earn the much-needed attention to your content. So, the next time you plan your live stream, plan it such a way that you can use bits of content later.