Innumerable applications of live streaming have been discussed previously on this platform. While most of them are obvious and can be understood quite easily, there are some that are tricky and require some explanation. Among those applications comes political campaigning which is yet to be explored in the world of live streaming.

Live Stream Political CampaignsUsage of live streaming for Political Campaigns is a revolutionary application that hasn’t hit the spotlight yet. It is common knowledge that the promotion of political campaigns is an expensive process and is highly dependent on the audience reach.

The explosion in the usage of the internet made it easy to reach a majority of the audience through the internet. Though many have attempted to reach and engage the available audience through various methods like images, offline videos etc., the attempts weren’t that fruitful since the message reached a limited audience. Nonetheless, digital political campaign promotion remains to be one of the largest used methods by the political parties to promote themselves.

Live streaming can take this promotion a step head by increasing the audience reach significantly. The support and victory of political parties are majorly dependent on how well its leader conveys the message that needs to be conveyed. The clarity on the policies, the criticism of the opposition, etc., all require a face and an emotion to work. This is the reason, live political meetings always attract people in thousands and play a key role in their success too.

These meetings even when they are covered by the media, fail to reach much of the audience because of limited accessibility. These videos, using Freedocast can be live streamed to the digital audience thereby conveying the message to the missed audience on the television.

Since live streaming is cost-effective, it becomes highly beneficial in the absence of media coverage. All that is required to live streaming a political event to an online audience is a High-Resolution Camera, a Microphone and a live streaming device like Freedocast. With a few simple pairings and a sound mixer, the whole event can be streamed to the desired audience allowing them to watch even on their Smartphones or laptops in addition to the televisions.

The platform even allows text live recording, scheduling and sharing events, multiple social media streaming, password protection, Ad integration, Branding, and other features to enhance the user experience. Since the streaming works on Adaptive Bitrate technology the reach can be further expanded to the audience with low internet speeds.

With some advertising in the social media platforms, the audience reach can be amplified significantly. Check out more of our blog posts to know more about live streaming and how to use it effectively in various applications. Enjoy the free trial to exclusively experience all the live streaming benefits before you decide.