Launching of new products on live television or web media has been a residual marketing strategy since forever. Biggest brands like Apple, Samsung, etc., have always launched their products in these well orchestrated product launch events which were pre-hyped with the teasers and the suspense they built around the product through time.

While it is not easy for every product to be launched live on different platforms, there is no argument opposing its benefit as a great marketing maneuver. Nevertheless, with the launch of so many different products that allow people to live stream their events, it has become way inexpensive. But the hard work of putting together a great show stays.

Orchestrating a Live Product Launch Stream can be beneficial to businessThe broadcast of events has become inexpensive because of the popularization of the web media and the increased web traffic. The digital market has provided us with great options to market the products and now the facilities to stream videos live in an affordable way. With the right amount of marketing for the event, buildup of suspense, and a good scripted program, the live stream of your product launch can be a great boost for your product sale.

All it takes is a live streaming device that will let you broadcast your videos on multiple platforms. Freedocast is such device that helps you live stream your video content simultaneously on various platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and any number of your personal RTMP URLs. Freedocast supports HD Video streaming with an adaptive bitrate. It also possesses a pay per view option, password protection of events, and Ads integration which can be highly beneficial to get your program to reach the target audience. With the help of devices and platforms like Freedocast, live product launch of smaller products has become easier and so much beneficial. So, the next time your company is launching a new product, include live streaming of the event on the web platform and maximize your audience reach.


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