Get to know more about the benefits of the Freedocast Live Streaming Device personally. Check out the Freedocast Exhibit at the Broadcast India Show 2017 Symposium in Mumbai. We will be available to you live and in person at the Symposium Booth No. F608, from 12th- 14th October.

Freedocast device which is currently at the base of its evolution is yet to enter the limelight. The exhibition at the Broadcast India Show is an attempt to introduce the device and its benefits to the world. It is also to make individuals, businesses and media & film enthusiasts aware of the advantages of live streaming in the broadcasting and marketing sectors.

The device which is going to be a revolution in the live streaming sector is a next-gen tech that can make things simpler for different professions. The working of the device and its advantages can be known in detail candidly at the Symposium. Various options of the device like live streaming on Multiple platforms option, Adaptive Bitrate streaming, Analytics, Geo-Blocking, Ad Integration, White Labelling options etc., will be made known. One can even know about the plans available with the purchase and the innumerable ways the device can be advantageous to the users.

Broadcast India Show

With more than 20,000 global visitors and 550+ companies from more than 36 countries, Broadcast India show is one of the leading players for the exhibition of state of the art broadcasting technology.

Broadcast India show which is held every year is a pedestal that showcases all kinds of technical requirements of the Film and Media Industry. The idea which is of two directors Kavita Meer and Ramesh Meer, was materialized in 1991 and since then was helpful to all the entertainment enthusiasts and the giants in our country to share the knowledge and become knowledgeable of the latest inventions in the media equipment that can make work simpler, faster and more effective.

The symposium presents a stage for major players all over the world who cater hardware, technology, and software, essential for the live broadcast to exhibit their products and share the knowledge. Many of the national and international brands have a chance to present technical papers in this conference which allows the concerned populace to collaborate in the development of the technology.

Not just the exhibits and paper presentations in the conference, the show also hosts meetings, product launches, White Papers, Services, New Business, Workshops, Demos etc. The show is supported by IABM- International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers, Trade Fair Support UK, and All India Broadcast Manufacturers and Distributors Association.