COVID-19 Pandemic has shaken the ways of the world and made us all sit at home craving for various distractions. It has also taught us that earning from home is a possibility and it can be achieved by anyone. One observable element that shall be mentioned in the current times is that when offline collaboration becomes an issue, content creation is impossible. That is because content creation majorly depends upon individuals coming together and creating something.

While it is sad that the pandemic has been affecting some amount of population worse than others, it must also be noted that the majority of the world population that is working in sectors that don’t require physical presence wasn’t greatly affected. One element that can be emphasized is that individual artists regardless of the situations are earning a great deal from online collaborations.

It is known that people crave entertainment and they are willing to spend a significant amount on it. All the Television Channels and OTT Platforms are now gaining record TRPs since we lack the options to go out for entertainment. Most of the OTT platforms that bear movies are receiving subscriptions like never before. Soon, the residual content is going to run out of its charm and people will seek fresher entertainment and without creative collaborations between groups, it will fall upon individual artists who can create and express themselves to provide art.

Let’s take a look at the artists that are making money from their homes.

Instagram Influencers

With an adequate number of followers, Instagram influencers are often contacted by both upcoming and established brands to take their products to the masses. It was happening with beauty, health and nutrition products, Fashion Apparel, Jewellery, etc., and now because of the lockdown, it has come down to masks. Regardless of the product, Influencers are being hired to display/ explain the products directly by the brands.

Certain live shopping apps are using Instagram influencers to explain about various products in live. Since the lockdown, the Apps have been making use of the influencer creative explanatory skills right from their homes and streaming the feed on their platforms. There are various amounts that the apps and websites pay for these skills but Imagine earning from home when people are losing their jobs.

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Stand-Up Comedians

Another great sector that is independent of the creative collaborations most of the time is Stand-Up Comedy. Not only do the individuals Create their own content, with simple equipment like Microphone and Video Camera they can make it live to the whole world. Top Stand-Up Comedians like Vir Das, etc., have been coming live on their personal accounts doing small 2,3, or 5-minute gigs.

Though there is zero profitability in these gigs there is a high probability that they reach more users who might visit their profile and account on other platforms, see their videos, therefore becoming fans/ potential customers until the respective artists’ next outdoor or indoor performance.

Music DJs

Any kind of Music DJ is an individual that creates Music and performs on his own. The creative collaboration with other people just takes their work to a higher level and has more to do with the preparation of the venue, taking care of acoustics, and creating the right ambiance- Which is why, electronic dance music festivals like sunburn, etc., have been calling upon artists to work from their homes.

Sunburn is collaborating with the best of music DJs across the world to create live music events in which people can participate virtually. These events are garnering a significant number of audiences which only grows in the future. Similar to the Stand-Up Comedians, these virtual events serve the artists as an audition which only grows their fan base creating potential customers for their future events.

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What this means?

While it is common knowledge that conducting live events in arenas would take months to begin, there is a great chance that virtual events would become more and more common across the world. Since borders are not a barrier to these events, one can predict that they would become chargeable in the near future.

So, usage of live video to deliver art sounds like a great sector to move into if you are making art. But to use live video as a tool, there are certain aspects to consider. There is always an issue of quality to consider for every event that requires audio and video. Phone cameras would be adequate for Celebrities that do their live interactions as they require only talking. But doing a stand-up comedy or a live performance to display a gorgeous dress or a Music Event, one must consider the best equipment there is to deliver the audio and video right. For this, a simple smartphone even of ecstatic capacity would not suffice.

The usage of Live streaming devices would bridge this gap enabling the speakers, as well as the performers, to deliver their message right. One can just connect the video camera or a smartphone to the live streaming device and start playing music. With the superior adaptive bitrate technology used to deliver the audio and video sans buffering even to the places with low internet speeds, the performance would stream seamlessly without any interruptions.

We are entering a world that necessitates virtual entertainment more than the physical one, and The ones that recognize this shift and prepares himself accordingly would benefit a great deal.

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