The concept of video blogging has existed for a quite a while now and is well known to the bloggers. Serious Bloggers who can gather fascinating video content in short time, opt for these and present them to the viewers on a daily/ weekly basis. Video content from specific or diverse genres can be uploaded and made available to the viewers on blogs. Video Blogging is a serious profession that can make a ton of money if one can provide engaging content with moderate viewership.

Live Video BloggingAny type of content can be live streamed to video blogs. Since blogs are mostly maintained by individuals- travel videos, cooking videos, music concerts, online classes, Workout videos, etc., are some of the workable options that can attract plenty of viewers to the blogs. Streaming this content to social media platforms simultaneously will help bloggers gather even more audience.

The crucial difference between a video blogger and a professional content provider can be observed in the quality of the video content streamed. Though usage of high-resolution cameras works for offline videos, in live streaming achieving high quality seems almost impossible with the existent technology. This is one of the main reasons why live video blogging hasn’t become as popular.

However, the introduction of live streaming device like Freedocast erased this gap and gave the video makers a chance to create, record, and live stream videos with a quality identical to the professional channels. Freedocast device helps record video with high resolution and lets bloggers go live from any place. Broadcasting this content to blogs, websites and social media platforms is made easy through the Freedocast live streaming platform which offers features like Adaptive Bitrate Technology, Ad Integration. It also offers password protection and geo-restriction options that can help secure the video while streaming.

Live streaming devices and platforms help the video bloggers provide live video content to the viewers in their blogs and simultaneously stream it on social media platforms to gain a higher reach. Branding – One of the most important features that can guarantee the safety of videos from theft and unauthorized usage is also offered by Freedocast platform. Live video blogging combined with these features can put the blog in direct competition to the online channels constrained to a single platform.

If you are a video Blogger and looking for new ways to make your blog famous, step into the live zone which is unexplored and full of opportunities. Know more about Live Broadcasting using Freedocast.

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