One of the most highly beneficial purposes of live streaming is live video journalism. The very idea that gave birth to the top live video streaming app on the planet “Periscope”.

Online News Delivery is becoming more and more essential since people are highly relying on the internet to get information. Social media is the largest source of information for most of the people around the world. People with jobs keep scrolling the social media websites for any new information in their breaks and they read about anything interesting. Many rely on video news platforms like YouTube, Reuters etc.

Live Video Journalism OnlineEither way, online news provision is an uncharted territory because there aren’t many websites and people doing live video journalism online. Live streaming videos are easy but when you are to deliver news to an audience, many things must be taken into consideration. One of the best elements of live streaming news online is that it’s easy and convenient. Just one push of a button takes you live online in any one of the social media platforms.

But there is a catch. Since Live video journalism is basically delivering live news to the audience through video, and narration forms an influential part of the news, clear audio becomes as important as the video. Though many apps that can help you live stream through the phone are available, Smartphones can capture a good video but lack the same while recording the audio.

Here is where live streaming devices yield an advantage. Live broadcasting devices help you limit this problem and helps you retain a better-quality audio and video.

In the below paragraphs, let us see what live video journalism is, how it can be done and how Freedocast device makes the experience better and professional.

What is Live Video Journalism?

Any news video basically conveys a story which slowly unravels what all the events that have taken place leading up to the present situation. These stories may also include interviews with people nearby regarding what they have witnessed. All these, including a clear narration make up for a good story which can be engaging to the audience.

Selection of Story

The selection of story also plays a major role in the engagement. Selecting to broadcast news like protests, emergencies, disasters etc., can help the public in great deal. While this is one side of the coin, another side lies the excitement of watching an event live with its innumerable possibilities. It doesn’t necessarily be a disaster- It can be a celebrity helping a stranger in the midst of an interview or it can be an incident where a protester helps a police officer in the midst of a protest. The expectation of unknown is what makes live streams engaging more than any other kind of news.

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Narration with a clear tone and simple words is crucial to the stream. Diverse Audience watch live streams. Be sure to make the story seem simple and deliver it with accuracy. Choose the language of narration according to your comfort as the relevant audience will stick to your stream if it is interesting enough. Not much good is going to come if the narrator is uncomfortable in his skin and makes mistakes while attempting to deliver the news in another language. Also, if the whole narration is in English or another major language, translate everything the witnesses say to English after they have spoken.

Verifying the facts

Another important factor of journalism which essentially carries a lot of weight in your news is the verification of facts. Calling various sources to gain more insight into the situation is something that the news channels do all the time. Information from sources be it as interesting as it may, is valid only when the viewers know who the sources are and how they can be experts on the subject. Let the audience know everything and repeat the information sources tell you about in another way so that everybody can understand.

Continuous Narration

Continuous narration is the key to an engaging News Story. If some action is taking place, you can narrate the events from behind the camera while showing the visuals. And you can get back on Camera when things slow down providing other details.

Camera Rolling

Keep the Camera Rolling, no matter what. Even when the situation is dangerous and even when you have to run and hide to safety. Keep the stream fluid and running. Some seconds of showing the ground will raise the audience’s intrigue and makes them alert. Be on camera soon after and narrate what just happened. A slight risk is worth taking when you wish to get a good footage but see to it that you do not endanger your life.

How is Freedocast useful in all this?

As the limitations of a Smartphone have already been discussed, Freedocast device helps you gain an advantage in the visual and auditory section. It also possesses the advantage over the broadcast since the device lets you simultaneously broadcast on all the existing social media platforms along with your personal website. With options like Branding, adaptive bitrate streaming, password protection, URL Embedding etc., news can be delivered as professionally as you wish. The Freedocast device gives you the edge to convert your Facebook live journalism channel to a full-fledged online video journalism channel.

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