Live Video AnalyticsAnalytics help you gain a better insight into what among your streams is working and what is not. The various features offered by the streaming service provider, Google analytics or social media are helpful but some among these features are more helpful than others. These features help you create a stream with minute accuracy to attract more audience and keep them engaged. We have listed some of these features in Freedocast that can help build better streams. Check them out.

Total Unique Viewers

Viewers from distinct devices are counted as unique users. The number of Unique Users/ Viewers is prominent in live streaming and an improvement in this number with each stream means your stream is attracting more audience each time.

Minutes Watched

There are two types of data in minutes watched- total minutes watched and average minutes watched. The total minutes watched gives you the sum of minutes watched by all the viewers in a stream. This is a marketing asset and can let you decide the length of the streams.

The average duration watched gives us the average time per user which can help tailor the stream for the individual. The engagement factor of the stream can be assessed through this feature and depending on the average time a user spent on the stream you can decide if the stream is working or needs improvement.

Max Live Viewers

The number of live viewers at any given point of time also gives us an assessment of the content in the stream. The decrease or increase in the number of viewers from time to time lets you assess the content.

Any stream given enough advertising gains plenty of users at the beginning, but the continuation of the number till the end of the stream is a difficult thing to achieve. The number achieved for every stream and the number of live viewers that are present at any point of time in the stream both lets us know the audience engagement. If the video can be divided into segments the parts with an increased number of live viewers can be cut and posted separately thus improving your social media reach.

Geography-wise details

Freedocast has a geo-restriction option that is helpful in restricting content in some regions. This option on its own isn’t helpful except when you are dealing with the legality of the content. But with the Geography wise analytics one can evaluate the relevant content in a specific region and adjust their content to suit the viewers from that region making it more engaging and profitable at the same time. And with the Geo-Restriction Option, one can restrict the content in other regions thus saving bandwidth.

User Interaction

Though this feature may not be among the analytics, it can give the streamers better insights into how interested the users are in the specific topic of your content. The Live Chat option that helps the streamers interact with the users and vice versa, assists the academic streamers to measure their success. video makers that are introducing new products or explaining about them also can make their streams better with the types of questions that are asked. The interactions can also make the explanations better and if the streamer is the inventor it might give him new ideas about the product making it even more productive.

So, the next time you look at the analytics to see how your stream was, be sure to check out all these features and use them to your advantage.