Planning to go somewhere? Stay connected with your family and friends in real time all the time. Share your entire Vacation to your family or to the world.

Live Stream VacationWe live in a world of communication. Any information can be transferred in microseconds from one end to the other end of the world. Live video has taken over the world by a storm and now we can watch a person doing his own thing live from any corner of the world. The live relay was once an expensive affair and was restricted to Sports broadcasters and News Channels. The position is now changed such that any person with a camera is now able to broadcast something he wants to share to the entire world through live streaming.

So, when you go on a vacation to the Bahamas, or to the Eastern Countries like India or China, you can make your family and friends virtually experience everything that you see. If you are a travel blogger, live streaming will give you an edge over offline travel blogging videos since your viewers will watch everything you see with you. Imagine your Family, friends or online viewers being able to watch underwater videos along with you in real time. Imagine them experiencing the same awe that you experience when they are watching the view from the edge of Grand Canyon.

For a task this strenuous and quality necessitating, Smartphones would not suffice. There are plenty of Smartphones that can deliver the best quality video, but Smartphones lack specific features like minimizing shakiness that allows for a great viewing experience and lasts for a long time. For this purpose, the usage of HD resolution cameras and Go Pro Cameras is highly recommended. Though a bit expensive, these cameras deliver a high-quality video that keeps the audience engaged.

With live streaming devices like Freedocast Pro, one can directly stream the content in real time online simultaneously to the social media networks and to personal websites. Live broadcasting devices paired with platforms allow seamless streaming with adaptive bitrates helping you reach the audience even with the lowest of bandwidth speeds. On the other hand, they allow branding which can help you get into the spotlight. The platforms come at affordable costs and make it possible to achieve maximum reach. Features like Ad integration and password protection make it easier to monetize too.

So, the next time you go on vacation you can take your family, friends and all your online fan base along with you virtually. Sign up below for the free trial to check out all the features available on Freedocast.

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