Professional live streaming requires good equipment and plenty of preparation beforehand. But all the preparation would only be advantageous when the presentation is done right. For a live stream to be a success, the content in hand must be presented by the person with the right amount of zeal and emotion that resonates with the audience. For this, the presenter must exude confidence and grace which is not a default for most people.

Live Stream Tips When Camera ShyPlenty of people have good ideas to present to the world but are camera shy. Be it their inferiority about their appearance, accent, or their manner of speaking, speaking in front of a camera is no less a feat than speaking in front of a crowd. One must possess dangerously high levels of confidence to overcome this and speak properly and get their message across. Due to this reason, people often shy away from presenting their ideas or try to find ways that help them make it work which usually takes longer than intended thereby making them lose interest or someone else presenting it before they could. If you are among the people mentioned above, here are a few tips on how to profitably live stream when you are camera shy.

Get a presenter

Hire someone if you can afford it. Ask your friends to do it when you cannot afford to hire. A lot of content on the internet goes unnoticed because of bad presentations. Presenters who can present the content beautifully although cannot understand it might be able to bring the exuberance necessary to keep the audience engaged. If you can get a presenter that can both understand and put it out there gracefully, then you are in luck.


Practice vigorously until you perfect your presentation to the second. There is nothing that can help you overcome the fear of failure than practice. Live streams are terrifying in their basic sense- There are no retakes, editing is not allowed, and anything you do stays on the internet forever. The important element to know about this is that mistakes are unavoidable and the only thing a streamer can do is to minimize the number of mistakes and improvise as you go along.

Use slide deck cards

Slide deck cards are a great idea if you are not an orator. Slide deck cards give you material when you forget something and let you move on. PowerPoint Presentations come under this category too. But it is pertinent that you do not spend too much time looking at the computer screen rather than a camera.

Look your best

It is known for a fact that good dressing can invoke confidence. Though it may not be applicable to everyone, most of us feel confident when we are dressed in our best. So, instead of streaming live in your pajamas, try to dress well and show up in front of the camera with sufficient lighting. But make sure it suits what you are presenting though.

Alongside these, keeping backup equipment ready and devising alternatives for obvious mistakes can help you live stream confidently.