Exploring yet another of the vast applications of live streaming, we are presenting you with a revolutionary approach to expand your business horizons, Resuscitation of the lost arts.

Internet has always provided a perfect platform for people who excelled in a certain type of Arts. One of them is “Theatre or Play” which has lost its privileges to the Movie industry. Plays are a rare form of literature which used to be the highest form of art at their inception. Depicting vastly different kind of stories like Dramas, Comedies, Satires, Musicals, etc., plays are a kind of art which require an artist to perform in front of a live audience. Theatrical performances bring out the best in an actor as well as a playwright as there is an instant review from the audience.

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Due to the advancements in the experiences people can achieve through a movie, Theatre has lost its importance among the audience. People preferred the perfected performances of the actors, the sound and the visual effects to the live ones and overtime, Theatre has grown into a fossil. But some people who have recognised the prominence of a live Act, have kept it alive and now theatre has grown into an exotic art in some places and as a stepping stone to get into the film industry in some other.

Live Stream Theatre PlayNonetheless, Theatre has regained its importance among people and people started enjoying the Shows in some expensive places like Broadway and Off-Broadway theatres. As much as there are people who respect this art, there are many artists and playwrights who long for the recognition they deserve through Theatre. But a simple show in one of the many thousand theatres in the country doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves.

One can plan to get the exposure through the internet but there is always the doubt of video tampering that precedes these kinds of videos. The method of recording, editing and uploading a video to a social medium doesn’t grab the immediate attention of the targeted audience. Though this doesn’t reduce the exposure, it certainly does reduce the chances of contact with the people that are interested.

It is in this situation that video live broadcasting comes to our aid. Since the necessary visual and auditory clarity cannot be achieved with Smartphones, live streaming through YouTube or Facebook live Applications cannot be of much help. Using of well-placed HD Cameras and Microphones will yield the required clarity and connecting these to a live streaming device like Freedocast will help to you achieve the goal.

As we have discussed earlier how Freedocast can be beneficial in various sectors, its usage in the field of Theatre is exceptional. Be it an established Company or a striving one, Theatre Live streaming is beneficial in so many ways i.e., to gather more audience, to earn exposure, to offer the Theatre experience to a global audience etc.

Rather than inviting an interested personality who can be an asset to you or your company, live streaming stage shows takes the performance to his living room which can dramatically improve the chances of them watching the play. Live broadcast stage shows, not only reprises the common people’s interest in this long-lost art but also draws them towards the theatres to experience the play in live.

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