Online Courses have become as prominent as regular courses since the globalization. A number of people who want to study advanced courses that are unavailable in their immediate geography are relying on online classes to learn these courses. Even the top universities of the world like MIT, Harvard, Stanford etc., made their courses available online to the entire populace of the world free of cost. The courses though provide detail lectures, analysis, and every type of material explanation necessary through videos and screen sharing lack a major element- Professor interaction.

Live Online Classes- A Revolutionary way to Educate the EnthusiastsTeaching classes online provide this very element along with the other ones which prove to be a major advantage to the Enthusiastic students of any study. The difference in the learning quotient of a brain with a doubt at the back and a brain redeemed of any doubts is huge. Every student and professor know this as a fact. So, in a way, the revolutionary idea of Live streaming classes online certainly bears this advantage over the offline classes.

Here are some Areas where you can Use Live Video streaming for Educational Purposes

Live streaming can be majorly used to teach online classes is the summary of this article. The question “What kind of classes” opens up an ocean of possibilities to dive into. The classes can be anything from College Courses, Business classes, Administrative Courses, Corporate Training classes, to Yoga, Music and Dance Classes. Live streaming classes is the same as online teaching business except it allows for an interaction between teacher and the student. With the right kind of equipment and very little help, one can teach live online classes right from their homes.

How to Do it?

For a person who has a limited idea of live streaming, here are some basic steps to do it. Find a live streaming device that offers features like HD streaming, Simultaneous streaming on various platforms, App Control etc. Go for a streaming device because broadcasting through smartphones is constricted in terms of bandwidth, audio/ video clarity etc.

The next element for a better streaming is finding the right platform. A streaming platform lets you broadcast your video to the desired location. It offers the users bandwidth and storage space to broadcast the content along with the features like Analytics, Geo-Blocking, Branding, Ad Integration, Password Protection, etc. All these features are essential for live broadcasting to make it look professional and appealing to the desired audience.

Essential Amenities

After finding the right platform and a plan that suits your purposes, set up a place where there are limited outside disturbances. Set up lighting to ensure a high-quality video and soundproofing if necessary. Gather equipment like a high-resolution camera, microphone, tripod stands, equipment that ensures stable internet and power connectivity, etc., and back up cables for the necessary elements for any unforeseen difficulties during the stream.

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Why are these necessary?

Simultaneous Broadcasting options

Features like Simultaneous broadcast help gather the audience from various social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter/ Periscope etc. Apart from the audience that is following you on your page or your websites, these platforms let you reach more number of interested people and give them an easy way to learn what they always wanted.

App Control

It is not possible for a single person to start the broadcast, stay in it, deliver the message while checking the quality and other settings throughout the broadcast by him/ herself. These are made possible with the Apps that let us start and stop broadcast and change the settings if necessary, with the help of a smartphone.


Branding basically means you can brand your video using a logo that is your own ensuring that no one can claim or use the video without your authorization. While this option helps you with the ownership difficulties, it can also help you gain a reputation if your teaching skills are exceptional which in turn helps you gain more audience.

Does this really work?

As discussed earlier, live online classes certainly are advantageous over offline courses. The only reason these are minimally popular is due to the lack of better streaming devices that can let you stream HD quality videos with better sound quality. After the advent of devices and platforms like Freedocast, the obstacles have grown less, giving way to a novel way of interactive education.


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