Thinking of organising a party this new year? Make it a business proposition for the days to come and the parties you are going to organise in future.

This New Year Make It Big by Live Streaming your Party to the world. Plenty of talented individuals who start off businesses like organizing parties don’t plan much on getting exposure which is the most crucial element in their success. Relying on the small circle that is built on a limited number of contacts to get the business running is an age-old idea which lets you “just survive” in the business world.

But in order to reach the heights, one must essentially think of better options of obtaining viable publicity. The common notion is that this comes with a price tag, but in this world of internet and social media, it’s not necessary to drain a significant amount of resources for the promotion you need. All you need to do is secure a decent database and ensure that they stay updated about all of your work.

If you have never tried live streaming parties before, check out our blog posts that give you the necessary basics.  Make your Office Halloween Party a Special one in town/ Live streaming your DJ Music Event can place you ahead of the competition.

In this post, we are going to let you know how you can turn your New Year event into a massive public gatherer with a limited amount of resource and some hard work.

Why New Year?

New Year is one of those times where everyone is looking for a party to enjoy. This is a good time for the event organisers to plan big and grab a buck or two. As Private House Parties costs less than major Pubs and known places people will be all over the internet checking for a good reviewed party that costs less and provides good music and food.

The place of the party is selected according to the public reviews on the major social media sites. Elements like low prices, music, lighting, and the number of stags at the place are going to make a big difference to the organizers because every element is constantly reviewed on Twitter/Facebook etc.

The attention that the private parties grab at this time is massive and that is a beneficial factor for the Organizers to get on the radar.

How is live streaming going to help?

Live streaming parties is not an easy task but through showing the audience what they are in for when they are coming to your organized party, the likelihood of your party getting into the spotlight is enormous. Choosing the right equipment to get the best quality video and sound, choosing the right camera angles in order not to disturb the participants, and taking care of video mixing & sound mixing to avoid any disturbances are some elements that are not to be overlooked.

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Advertising about the party

Publicizing about the party from days before the event will help you get a considerable number of audience to start the party. Posters, Pictures, Creatives revealing the details like price, food, drinks, and the special amenities that are offered at the party, teasers showing what it could be like, and videos showing the progression of arrangements can be of great asset. You can even emphasize that the New Year’s Eve Party will be live streamed on the web which can raise interest in many individuals.

Broadcasting using Freedocast

Broadcasting the entire party simultaneously on all the available social media platforms is possible through the Freedocast device. This can help you gather significantly large audience from various platforms combined. The device lets you roll ads and other information while streaming which can help you display the details of the party to the people like the prices, venue, etc. It also lets you upload your brand logo which lets you stand out from others. Not only does the live New Year’s Eve broadcasting help you get a good recognition but if the video stays available on your page or website after, a high probability that it might catch the eye of an investor who can get you your next business thus making the idea of live streaming a great business prospect.

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