Extreme measures become a prerequisite when the competition existing around is massive. For a DJ, in order to differ from the crowd and make a name for yourself, Broadcasting your DJ Music Event Live can be Crucial. Let us see how.

Publicity for an artist is as important as his talent. Without it, an artist might just sit at home playing for his cats. Without the number in the audience, there is no way an artist can make a name for himself. And the considerable number of audience that can attend the event depends on the publicity the artist creates for himself and the event. A high-level advertising is possible for the event and the artist if he can afford it but most of us can’t really do that because of our fiscal or time constraints.

Achieving the status of an Acclaimed DJ is not an easy job and if you are at the starting stage of your career, then this time would be critical for you. No matter how talented you are, without the right kind of publicity, we cannot grow in our field. Without introducing our work to the world, there would be a minimum growth. A DJ can certainly make the heads turn with his music if he has the right talent but if it does not reach the right audience it would be a waste.

Live Streaming your DJ Music Event can place you ahead of the CompetitionUploading videos on Youtube is one of the marketing techniques DJs have developed along with earning a steady fan base and keeping them informed about the events on social media. But is that enough to get the number you want? Think about it. Some beautiful photographs and the videos of a bunch of people who danced at a certain event that happened long ago creates a good memory to those who were involved in that event. And no matter how hard you try, you cannot include a personal memory in an outsider’s memory.

Nothing beats the firsthand experience of a live music event. It’s never the same feeling when you watch a live cricket match and a recorded one. Live streaming music events might not give the users the experience of an arena and a stage, but it does pull them strongly towards it. That is why live streaming of events has become one of the most followed marketing techniques of the day. It might be for a few people who could not attend, or it can be for a large user base in your social media circle. Live streaming always has its advantages over the other publicizing methods for a DJ.

It is also the most feared because of the work it used to involve, but times have changed so much that you can now achieve that feat with the help of a small device that can fit into your hand, A Smartphone. But a smartphone does not give you the necessary audio clarity for it to be telecast into a room full of youngsters or a dorm party that holds maximum quality audio boosters. The development of live streaming devices like Freedocast was to overcome this limitation and give the audience on the receiving end, a lively experience.

To live stream an event of your own, all a DJ needs is an HD camera and an additional microphone that can direct the sound from his mixer, directly into the device. Since the two main features have been taken care of, all that is left of the person is to set the camera in a perfect position and go on with his performance. It is even better if he can get more than one camera and switch between them from time to time.

Freedocast made the process so simple that any two-person team to get their show online simultaneously on different social media platforms like Facebook live, Twitter live, Youtube live and also your personal URL. One more crucial element of this process is a damn good internet connection. The Freedocast live streaming device can be remotely operated via Freedocast App which lets you start or stop your music streaming with a tap. If the event is promoted properly on the social media, then you can actually build a fan base which in turn takes you to the limelight sooner than you expected. You can check out the advertising techniques here.


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