Books are something that has not only helped and entertained humanity but also made them intelligent, creative, and self-aware. It has been centuries since their emergence and since then they have been with us empowering along the way. Even in the digital world, books have transformed into e-books but haven’t lost their importance in the eyes of human beings. To this day, books are the favorite pastime for a significant number of people.

Live Streaming Book ReviewsAnd reviewing those books to help people who are interested has been a great business module for years. Book Reviews attract more users since people love to hear what equal minds have to say about an art form they love. And for those that are in a dilemma of whether or not to choose a particular book, reviews become a source to take the next step- choose or refrain.

Book reviewing has been confined to comments section under the page where a book is sold or to some websites like Goodreads. One element that alters with the comments and reviews from anonymous sources and a source that is alive and breathing in front of them is the human element. One cannot trust a source just because he has written some great things about a certain book as there exists no confirmation of who the person is and whom he is working for, and this compels the reader to read more reviews just to confirm the truth.

Various individuals by creating Youtube channels have established their credibility in time and have earned the trust of the people who in turn become followers of that particular channel. Imagine speaking to an audience in live, with the same scale of credibility and in different social media platforms simultaneously. It is a great idea that can help you reach a larger number of the audience but also requires massive amounts of preparation.

A review in its basic sense must tell the people what the best and worst parts of a book are without revealing the plot. Doing a review offline, one can edit and re-edit the video till he gets the perfect version of his review but doing it in live, it might necessitate the reviewer to jot down all the points that he needs to speak about, practice it a million times to make it perfect for an audience and deliver it exactly to gain the expected reach.

Though this seems harder it is a perfect medium for a reviewer to say what he thinks of the book and how it can help the people. The one element that differs live stream from offline videos is that it leaves no chance for falsity and pretention. The only thing a person can do is to improvise on the spot which can help the viewers see through a live streamer’s content and evaluate his integrity in its deliverance.

Using Freedocast, this thought can be materialized and can become the beginning of a whole new era that unites two different worlds. The Live streaming process and the elements to take care of, can be found in our other articles here:

Through Freedocast can even hold a Q & A session during the live stream where the users can send in their questions through the chat and the streamer can answer them in live. So, be one of the first to begin a new era in the world of Book Reviewing. Check out our free trial option offer know more about the benefits of live streaming through the Freedocast platform.

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