Empathy, argued by many psychologists and evolutionists as a trait reserved for only humans, is what makes the world a better place. The evolution of humanity as a social animal and the most basic foundations of our system relies on this human trait that lets others rise along with the others. It is due to this belief that we pay taxes, set up charities, and help poor people living across the world.

Live Streaming Charity EventsNever before is the world in need of charity than now. Charities need money and not all charities come with the transparency necessary to compel people to donate more. Plenty of people worldwide carry it in their heart that once in a while, donating to a good charity that helps people might make some good. But the dilemma that arises about the destination of their donation always makes them take a step back.

Whenever the discussion of charity arises, with an equatorial intensity arises the discussion of defraudment. More than half the populace that can afford to donate significant amounts is backing out of the deal just because of the increased probability of fraud. And we have heard countless news about funds being sidetracked for personal benefits in almost every region of the world.

Pragmatically, it is an impossible task for a benefactor, small or huge, to check every account book of a charity to see the flow of funds. Plus, the act is frowned upon in a civilized society. Though most of the charities invite the donors to the charitable events, not every benefactor is at leisure to participate in the event. The attending becomes out of the question if the event is in another country.

Now, what does it have to do with live streaming – Hear us out.

Charities, NGOs and other Non-Profit organizations can improve their transparency and involve the supporters in their events, Fund Raisers, etc., by streaming the events live. With this deed, both the contributors receive the satisfaction of watching someone receive help and the improved transparency can encourage more people to donate. Even the fundraisers which are organized in an entertaining manner can be made available through live streaming which could encourage more people to donate.

As it is a common knowledge, Live streaming is cost effective and is easily available both to the streamers and the contributors. Since it is online and can be logged on from practically anywhere through any internet enabled device, every interested individual will be able to watch the event live, listen to the stories if any, and donate. Due to its availability online, the video live stream can reach millions across the globe which can ultimately lead to more donations leading to the increase in the families that receive the help.

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