Adventure Sports like Sky Diving, River Rafting, Bungee Jumping, etc., have a way of refreshing people and of course, are on the do-before-you-die list of every adrenaline junky. Majority of the people who go on vacations or weekend getaways try these if they are available. Adhering to this, many of the companies made it a point to provide facilities like high-speed internet connection, good food, and lodging very close to these places. The launching of these facilities everywhere made it easier for people to share these special moments with their friends and family.

Live Streaming Adventure SportsSharing special moments in video calls is something our generation has become used to because of the incremental internet speeds and declining costs. People stay in touch with their loved ones through live video calls as it became easy to connect from one part of the world to another. Sharing Experiences like Adventure sports with friends and family is not just a matter of pride but can also provide them with the information that you are safe.

But sharing something like adventure sports require something better than a smartphone as the resolution of a smartphone is not good enough when you are jumping from a plane or moving up and down on a river raft. Besides Smartphones can only transfer a limited amount of data and can have huge losses in the transaction. This combined with the low quality of audio and video the phones offer might make it harder for the viewer to stay engaged to the video that is being streamed.

Go Pro Cameras bridge this gap providing a good quality video by limiting the motion disturbance but recordings from these cameras only can be shared with the assistance of a laptop or a computer. Since these cameras come with a waterproofing and some amount of damage proofing these are best used for the adventure sports.

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But How to Live stream your Video from a Go Pro Camera?

Since we are discussing live broadcasting of videos, this is an obvious question that arises and this is where live streaming devices come in. Live streaming devices can be connected to any Camera with an HDMI OUT port and is one of the best available options to stream HD videos. Working on Li-ion Batteries, Live streaming devices like Freedocast can stream an HD video @ 5 MBPS. All you need to do is connect the device to the camera, open the Freedocast Pro App that is used to remotely control the starting and stopping of broadcast and start broadcasting.

Be it is Skydiving, Kayaking, Glacier Climbing, Skiing, Caving, Hot air Ballooning, Desert Camping, Trekking or any other Adventure sport. A Freedocast device in your bag and a go pro camera on your shoulder or the helmet will do the job for you. You can even live stream to the followers on your Facebook, Twitter/ Periscope, YouTube and your website or blog in live simultaneously. Check out the live streaming device and its specifications. You can even get started for free with our free trial to completely know about the features of our live broadcasting platform. Click on the below link to avail the free trial offer.

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