Live streaming to YouTube through a device though seems hard, is quite simple. All it takes is a few simple taps on your smartphone.

Going live on YouTube using the Freedocast device has many benefits. Besides achieving a High-Quality Video there are plenty of features that are available only through Freedocast such as streaming seamlessly in a fluctuating network through Adaptive Bitrate technology, Options to restrict the location of your live stream, Password Protect, Ad Integration, etc. The options can yield a professional look to the videos which usually is not the case with a Smartphone.

how to stream live on youtube using freedocast pro deviceHere’s how to Go Live on Youtube using Freedocast Device


  • Switch the Device On. Check all the connections (Camera, Microphone, etc.,)


  • Open the Freedocast Pro App. Login and Connect to your device. All you need to do is tap on the device name.


  • Create an Event or Select the Event that has already been created.


  • Go to Settings > Multiple Platforms.
  • Tap on “Add” under Youtube Live.


  • Login and Select the channel. Provide the Necessary Permissions.


  • Change the privacy settings accordingly.


  • Go Live

Freedocast also allows the branding of your video with your own personal or professional Logo.

Here’s How you can add the Signature

  • Settings > Branding > Upload Logo.
  • Select the position
  • Go Live

Points to Remember while planning to live stream on YouTube

YouTube allows live streaming only after the essential guidelines are met. To attract a higher number of audience, advertise the live stream adequately on social media. Keep the audience informed about the event. Release teaser videos or banners to let them know what they will be gaining by attending the event. Maintaining the video and audio quality is also quintessential to make the live stream profitable.