Halloween is one of the best times of the year where people tend to arrange massive parties with Spooky costumes. The time looks lively with the decorations and the celebrations with special drinks and games. Halloween which is celebrated on 31st of October, though has a grave background story to it, is a celebration for people of all ages. People organise parties in colleges, at workplaces, homes etc. to celebrate the eve.

Live Stream Your EventsOften at times, videos of these parties are used by the colleges and various Corporate companies to proclaim their vision of fun friendly environment. This assists in the betterment of brand value and attracts the people towards the college or the company. The companies which recognised the benefits of this, as a marketing strategy have drastically improved the quality of their videos that are usually seen on social media websites or the company website.

Taking this feature, a notch higher, companies are now turning towards live streaming their parties which proved to be highly beneficial to the corporate. But making it better or spookier than other Offices is a bit of a challenge. Here we have cited a few points to make your party bigger and better than any other with a small investment. Check them out and make your Halloween stream more attractive.


Choose a theme. There are plenty of themes available, like the Graveyard theme, Village theme, Ghost Ship theme, Haunted House theme, Asylum theme, Creepy Carnival etc. Being creative earns you more points.


Thousand different costumes and extra décor objects that fit the theme are available in the stores all around the country. Pick outdoor hanging costumes, in-house hangings, table-tops, carefully to fill in your theme. Invest in some fog machines if the theme is an outdoor one. Graveyard themes, Creepy Carnivals theme become real with the help of a fog machine. Usage of old broken stuff like chairs, bottles, bowls, dolls, etc., can also work.


No party is complete without drinks. A plethora of recipes to make the drinks look bloody or glowing are available everywhere. Choose and ask your event organizer to arrange them for you. The tableware can be chosen accordingly as well.


Take extra care of the music that will be played. Not just the video, if you are live streaming your party, the music that’s being played performs a Golden role. Select chilling yet highly attractive music.

[ReadLive Stream Your DJ Music Event]


Keep your staff or every one of your party attendees informed about the theme. Ask them to choose the costumes such that it fits the ambience.

After the pre-preparation, all that is left of you is a good live streaming video. Use devices like Freedocast for better quality streaming to keep your audience glued to the video. Devices like these will allow you to connect a High-Resolution Camera and microphone to them so that an excellent video and sound quality is maintained throughout. Choose better Camera Angles that can capture your special décor and the party atmosphere simultaneously. Once you are all set with the device, start the Halloween Live broadcast, capture the fun and show it to the world. Happy Halloween Folks.

Check out our live streaming tips to get a better idea of improving the quality of the live stream.

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