Live Streaming your Ganesh Chathurthi Puja and Celebrations to your loved ones in India is simpler than ever. Here’s How.

Ganesh Chathurdhi is probably one of the largest and most celebrated Indian festivals. It is also highly prominent, most vivid, and spirited festivals of all. Colors, dances and the lightings, Ganesh Chathurdhi bears it all. It is a common sight to see Indians talk about the way they celebrated this festival the day before, in the office. Such is the extent of this festival in India. Indians who are now living in countries other than India have gained access to the idols and have been celebrating the festival with friends and family they have there. But there is still one thing lacking in that.

Live-Stream-Ganesh-puja-celebrationsWe all know the way NRI’s yearn to be at home with their loved ones during festivals. There will be countless reasons why they cannot be there. One thing they can do is talk to their loved ones and share their happiness over the phone. But that feeling always stays and those memories of your time with your loved ones, how you used to celebrate and how great it was at the time of festivals, is the only alleviation one can expect. The same notion lies with the people living here in India. The Parents long to see how their Kids are celebrating the festival, the siblings yearn for their siblings and their families, and friends about their friends.

But what if there is more? What if you can do more than talk on a phone and share what all that happened? What if you can show them all that is going on in your house- the puja, the dance, the fun, games, the entire celebration? Live streaming devices have made this possible and are now in demand because of this and thousand other beneficial features. Just one device makes this possible and you will be able to make it all appear on the TV screens of your loved ones in another country.

Devices like Freedocast and it lets you live stream your videos on pretty much various social media platforms or personal URL. The specialty of the device is that you can connect it to a camera source and a microphone to it which gives a superior quality output which in turn makes the content more engaging. With this device, you can live stream all of your celebrations for the people you love and share your happiness with them.


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