A better part of working-class populace owns a home gym because of the convenience of it. The availability of adequate space and equipment at an economical price made it easier for the people to make up their own gyms at home to work out. Though a majority of people own a gym or the essential equipment, they lack the necessary knowledge and the motivation to do the exercises which makes workout livestreams a highly profitable business.

Plenty of videos exist on social media platforms which show how to do the workouts the right way. But due to the excess number of videos that exist and the contradiction of methods from one video to another, there is a certain lack of trust among the audience in following the offline videos.

Live Streaming WorkoutLive streaming gains an advantage in this area as it allows the user to interact with the coach in real time. A live streamer coaching n number of the audience can look at the chats and explain them directly while the video is still in the process, or at the end when the workout session is complete. Besides, live workout session allows the user to see the coach and work out alongside with them. This can be a massive motivating factor as everyone likes some company when they work out.

Gym coaches who are looking to expand their businesses online or any individual who is passionate about making other people’s lives healthier can take a shot at live streaming workouts and be profitable. Since this is a business typically residing at its base, unexplored, it leaves plenty of room for establishment as well as improvement.

Live streaming is not restricted to just Gym Work out sessions, but one can also broadcast Yoga classes, pregnancy work outs, Zumba classes, and pretty much anything that encourages the viewers to follow through.

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How to do it?

For live streaming to be done professionally on a minor or a major scale, usage of live streaming devices is highly recommended because of the quality that can be achieved. Live streaming devices like Freedocast Pro are essentially built for the purpose of broadcasting videos with high quality. They allow streaming with HD quality as the device possesses an HDMI IN to deliver input from the camera, a Microphone IN for a better-quality sound and WIFI for hands free broadcasting.

The devices can be remotely controlled using an App which makes it better to monitor the stream while being on the stream. The device also allows you to simultaneously broadcast your feed to different social media platforms simultaneously while the broadcasting platform that comes with the device offers features like Analytics, Branding, Ad Integration, Password Protection, Chat options, etc. With these kinds of features not only does your feed is broadcast to the audience with the best available quality audio and video, but also allows you to improve your reach through branding and analysis of the stream.

With the major improvements in technology and the services being brought to the customers into their very homes there is a stream of possibilities waiting just to be explored. Live streaming lies in the top row of these possibilities delivering the best of services along with a pinch of trust which can make all the difference in the business world.

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