Live streaming a video to market your business or building your network or fan base is one of the trending marketing strategies right now. While some of these live streams boost up the business, they can make a negative impact if not planned properly. Proper preparation and planning are the paths to success while lacking those might lead you to a disaster which can be a deal breaker for you. There are some points that are needed to keep in mind while making a broadcast for the live stream to be a success. Check them out and live stream your video in smart way-Like a Boss.

Knowing the purpose of your broadcast is a prerequisite. There could be many goals behind the live streaming. Increasing your audience, growing your mailing list, generate leads improving business etc. The knowledge of your purpose lets you decide the topic of your video and steer it towards your end goal. If your aim is to reach more audience, ask the users to share the video. If it is to improve sales to a new product, provide the necessary means to purchase.

Determining the format of the broadcast is another important thing to focus on before streaming live. Formats like How-to, Question, and Answer, Interviews, Product reveal or unpack etc. are among the most popular.

Choose the right platform and promote your broadcast. Check platforms like Facebook live, Twitter and compare the presence of your target audiences at the timing of your broadcast. Choose the one which can bring you more audience and promote the event accordingly. Release teaser videos, blast emails, Set Alerts and Timely Reminders etc.

You can choose platforms and devices like Freedocast to broadcast simultaneously on different platforms which can double the number of your audience. Devices like Freedocast Pro lets you broadcast to Twitter, Facebook and Youtube live simultaneously which can benefit you to earn a wider reach and accomplish your goal.