Live streaming your trip to the Wild – Sounds like a Crazy Idea doesn’t it? But when you think about it, it is not that crazy at all.

When was the last time you saw a live Show on National Geographic or Discovery Channel? Live shows involving dangerous animals seems like a risky thing to do but risky things are what attracts the audience. The anticipation of danger, the possibility of a catastrophe, the excitement of witnessing something that can horribly go wrong are all the things that are sure to appeal an audience and are definitely profitable. We have witnessed the same before at the time of Felix Baumgartner’s jump from Space and at many other stunts that have taken place in the world. The jump of Felix Baumgartner has known to attract the largest number of audience on the internet.

Live Stream WildlifeIt doesn’t all have to be about Danger and Thrill seeking it can also be the warmth you feel when you watch lion cubs or pandas playing or monkeys fighting with each other. The animal world has always seemed to be a fascinating subject to the humans and it never ceases to create a certain interest in us. This is the reason why we have channels dedicated to animals. Plenty of videos on YouTube consist of pets doing fascinating or funny things and these videos obtain views like no other. And this is the reason why live streaming your trip into the wild is not as crazy an idea as it seems.

It is not easy…

Jungles bear no internet connection and visiting National Parks doesn’t always guarantee the possibility of animals showing up. Wildlife photography/videography is a strenuous task and involves long waiting periods. But it is worth the wait when you capture the right footage. These elements have a tremendous effect on attracting an audience when it is a live stream. A live stream showing just trees, grass and a person’s movement through them might not be that interesting to the audience particularly if it ends with no animals on the screen.

A good way to make it their worthwhile is to take a vehicle ride through the entire park long before the stream and note the timing to the minute. This way you can show the audience everything you are watching at the most interesting places. The video can be a series of short streams starting at one place where there is a higher animal presence and ending it soon after you pass through. You can make a full-length video but make sure that there are no long pauses or waits in the midst as the chances of the audience leaving the stream are higher.

But the right kind of footage that you manage to shoot- footage involving something exciting like a cruel fight between large animals or a cute bunch of playful small animals, can help you grow your user base to a large extent.

Elements to cover

For doing a live stream there need to be regular updates about the live stream so that the audience on your page or the channel are ready when the live video starts. Obtaining a Wildlife footage is itself a hard task. Showing all that in a live video without disturbing them or causing a danger to oneself requires some special equipment. Go Pro Cameras and Drone Cameras are something that might be useful in the situation. Most of the wildlife footage has no background sound in particular so, the usage of microphones become optional in these cases. But if you are a good orator and want to deliver a live commentary of the situations going on, using a wireless lapel mic can give you good results and minimise the risk of losing connection if anything crazy happens. Connecting to the Freedocast device to these cameras, one can easily broadcast the video to different social media platforms and personal websites simultaneously.

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