Live streaming your Road Trips to your personal website or a social media channel is an effective marketing tactic. Here is why.

The internet is a place where you can find all kinds of people- People that are interested in any kind of thing like slow motion explosions, tours, trekking, travel through jungles, eating weird foods etc., that exist on the planet. The lack of geo-restriction can be considered the most contributing factor to this element. It is also why there is a business opportunity in every type of offbeat element there is. We find many videos on YouTube or any other social website that show us road trips of cyclists, bikers or in cars and trailers. Road trips gather plenty of views on the social channel which is why Live streaming your Road Trips is a damn good idea to keep your audience entertained or gather a lot more.

Live Stream Road Trip With Your FriendsRoad Trips with friends to the most exciting places on earth are valuable moments that need to be documented. The vast roads, the driving through jungles or hills, and the enjoyable conversations with friends are something that cannot be reenacted which makes it the most original content available. Since there are people that are attracted to pseudo visit places that they cannot visit or plan to visit.

This is the reason we find videos of all kinds of road trips on YouTube and other platforms and a massive amount of audience for them. Now, imagine offering this experience to the users in live. Live streaming all your experiences directly to your personal/ travel website, your social media channel/ page/ account etc. Imagine the excitement they feel when they see the same picture that you are seeing with your own eyes. Imagine providing the audience a virtual trip of all the paths between the jungles and trekking through narrow hills. If the audience is pining for the offline content… imagine the following you can gather through live streaming.

The live streaming can be continuous, or it can be intermittent. Either way, some things are going to be absolutely essential. An HD camera (Smartphone isn’t going to cut it), a live streaming device, a stable internet connection… (problem? It might not be with the increase in connectivity), a tripod, and a microphone (The video would be dull if it’s mute and disturbing if all we can hear is the sound of air and gibberish).

The Audio Part

There are some peculiar processes that people follow during the live streams, like giving a voice-over describing the areas, sceneries, weather conditions and other things. Or, one can use soothing background music suited to the view.

The Video Part

Finding a decent angle to show all the scenic views to the users is the crucial part of the live stream. Making sure that the video isn’t shaky is another element that needs attention. If one manages to make a decent video managing the both there would be no obstruction for the video in the crowd pulling process. Another aspect of the crowd pulling process is to make sure the audience or at least the followers in your channel/ page are knowledgeable about the trip and the live stream.


This process which is called social media advertising is as crucial as the trip itself. Be it engaging images describing the trip or trailers letting the people know about the trip- updating the users on every aspect of the live stream of a road trip is quintessential. Choosing the media platforms to broadcast in also plays a pivotal role in the crowd gathering process. The broadcast platform must be chosen accordingly depending on the time and length of the live stream. Lengthy broadcasts likely require more bandwidth and storage space on a platform rather than some short intermittent broadcasts. But intermittent broadcasts never ensure a stable audience at all times. Crucial planning is necessary when deciding on a platform. Other elements like Branding, Ad integration, Password protection can also make a difference in the viewership.

The process though might seem hard, is new and is practically alien to the video streaming business world and people will always welcome something new if it is presented in an interesting way. So, the next time you plan on making a video of the road trip with your friends, check out the information about live streaming through Freedocast.

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