One of the most possible outcomes of performing on the internet is that it can be your direct ticket to fame. It might take a lot of time, or it can happen instantaneously, but it will happen. There are many talented musicians who have gone up the ladder and achieved instant reputation because of their talents and there are many who are still fighting for it.

Live Stream MusicFor those who are still fighting and for those who plan to put their composing talents on display for the world, here is a wonderful path that can help you achieve the reputation that you deserve.

Recording a video and uploading it on YouTube or any social media platform has its benefits but there are also negative effects that most people don’t know about. Offline videos give professionals the sense that a massive amount of editing has gone into the creation which can make them doubt the talent. This is not a mistake on their part since many that turn up because of these videos, are amateurs and lack the necessary talent to make it big. There are many cases in which a fair amount of effort to find the right talent, from the companies ended in futility.

What then is the alternative method to get where you want? One can say that displaying your musical talent by performing a show in live, abolishes the possibility of any kind of assumptions, but it is not possible to achieve the necessary quality with smartphones and webcams. Performing with a Guitar and live streaming it through an app on a smartphone, cannot give you the highest quality audio and can be a major turn off for the watchers.

There is another method that people can try which is connecting a video source to an open source broadcasting platform and perform. By connecting the video source to a high-resolution camera and by connecting the audio source to a microphone, one can simply broadcast their performance to an online audience in either YouTube, Facebook or another social media platform.  But doing so might restrict the number of audiences that will tune into your live stream as you can only stream on one platform at a time.

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The alternative to overcome limitations like this is subscribing to live streaming platforms like Freedocast that allow you to broadcast to all the social media platforms simultaneously. A simple plan can provide ample amount of Bandwidth to broadcast, and other features like Branding Encoder Setup, an option to Stream to an RTMP Destination, URL Embedding etc.  You can also subscribe to a higher plan if you want the options like Analytics, Geo-Blocking Adaptive Bitrate streaming, Ad integration, Password Protection etc.

But OBS always requires your laptop to be ready and the presence of another person for the operation might be unavoidable. Also, everything can go haywire if your laptop does not meet the software requirements. There are many people among the tech-crowd that are not satisfied with OBS as well.

If you are one among this populace, then Freedocast Device would be a perfect solution. Freedocast’s video streaming device is compact, easy to carry and packs a punch to stream HD video with Adaptive Bitrate Technology. It connects to the internet through Wi-Fi but also carries an Ethernet port just in case. It also allows the connection of a high-resolution video camera and a microphone which serve as video and audio sources. The device can be controlled via a Remote App which also lets you start or stop the broadcast with a tap.

For a single person who is adamant about creating the best live performance for an online audience, this device can offer everything that is necessary including a lifelike HD video and audio quality. The best part is that it can be connected to a video and audio mixer allowing a crew or an organization to broadcast a full-fledged music concert too. Also, with the Li-ion Battery that can last up to 3 hours, the device can stream outdoor concerts.

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In a way, this device can make your live stream look like a fully professional studio processed one. As it can stream it to sources with low internet speed and because of the simultaneous streaming one can reach a larger audience too.

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