Magic never ceases to amuse people. It is one of the oldest art forms in the world and is still entertaining the audience in all the parts of the world. Magic shows are a common thing in every part of the world, but they are attracting more audience online or on television rather than in person. The number of people visiting the theatres to enjoy a magic show is deteriorating by the day.

Many talented magicians, due to the lack of resources or the knowledge are performing for a small size audience inside closed doors. Some are stepping up further and making videos of the performances and uploading them on social media. A large number of these videos, though seem wonderful and comprise amazing tricks, are disregarded with the thought that they are digitally edited.

Doing these performances online and live streaming them to an audience might help but it is quite exhausting to achieve the essential video or audio quality. Going live on a single medium be it Youtube, Facebook or Twitter, also limits the audience reach which is quite a setback considering the effort it takes to organize the show.

Here is where live streaming devices come to aid. The usage of live streaming devices like Freedocast not only erases these difficulties of quality but also lets you share the stream simultaneously in various media, thus dramatically increasing the audience reach.

Let us See How

Freedocast Pro Device allows live streaming of video in HD quality as it allows the connection of a High-Resolution Video Camera and a microphone to the device enabling a high definition video streaming. One camera and a lapel mic will help you achieve a HD quality video and audio to live stream your show. The live streaming device can be mounted on the camera (which must be placed on a tripod) using a shoe mount screw and both the camera and the microphone can be connected to the device through HDMI and MIC IN ports respectively.

When connected to an internet service offering consistent speed one can directly start broadcasting his/her live magic show to a wide range of audience online. The device which contains an in-built encoder system allows encoding a 1080p Video at 5 Mbps. The encoding of the video allows the division of video into different formats that are compatible with a variety of devices. The encoded video is streamed using Adaptive Bitrate technology which allows the audience to stream the video without buffering in low speeds too. The device also offers a branding feature enabling users to upload their own logo onto the video offering security against intellectual theft.

The broadcast can be controlled using the Freedocast pro app that can be downloaded on Android and iOS platforms. After pairing of the device with the App, the broadcast can be started in simple steps like creating an event, selecting platforms and going live. Check these articles to know more about How to Go Live and selection of social media platforms on Freedocast App.

Performing magic show live for a wide range of audience has become easier and whole lot cheaper than it ever was with devices like Freedocast. Advertise about the show adequately on all the social media, gain enough audience and perform the show in front of a million audience online.

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