Smartphones now comprise Full HD Cameras with most of the features of a professional Camera. Though they cannot replace a professional camera, many smartphones now offer high resolutions, HD quality video recording and various modes that can help a person record a decent video.

Live Stream Through Smart PhonesLive streaming through a Smartphone has its benefits like being inexpensive than the alternatives, gaining a video quality on par with professional cameras etc. But it can be lacking in terms of producing quality audio. Weighing in on the benefits and the solutions, let us dive into the details of how to use a smartphone for live streaming successfully.

Smartphones are not designed to record without shakes which is why one can observe a shaky video if it is shot on Smartphone. High-resolution professional cameras have a built-in feature to reduce the movements and record a decent video. Since Smartphones lack the feature, using a tripod or a stand to hold the Smartphone will help reduce the vibrations giving the streamers a professional quality live streaming video.

Smartphone Cameras while possesses the ability to produce quality videos lack the noise canceling feature. This can make the video unappealing to the audience and reduce the reach. This problem can be minimalized by using a Smartphone to record videos indoors. But when shooting outdoors, using a live streaming device to connect a microphone can help record crystal-clear audio.

Live streaming devices can take video input from smartphones and streaming them across platforms to the desired destinations. A microphone connected to the device, lets you record better audio while deriving video input from the Smartphone camera. The devices work with the help of an app which let you control the various settings available.

Another solution to stream videos is Live streaming platforms. Platforms offer a decent set of options like Video Embedding, Simultaneous Streaming, Branding, Adding Scroll texts, Ad integration, Password Protection, etc. Even without the device, one can access live streaming platforms through Smartphones and get a professional quality live stream. Subscribe to any one of the live streaming platforms and start streaming to the world right from your smartphones.

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