Graduation is one of the important events of a student’s life. Live streaming this special occasion can let your loved ones living far away share your happiness. Let us see how.

With the rapid cultural changes and globalization, there is a massive escalation in the number of students opting to study abroad. Students from every country are trying to chase their dreams and also get exposed to other cultures. Students from developing countries like India and China are opting to study in developed countries like America, Britain, Australia etc., and likewise, students from underdeveloped countries like Nigeria are opting to get their graduation from developing countries like India, China, Mexico etc.

Live stream your Graduation Ceremony with FreedocastEvery student is choosing to leave his home, his parents, and everything back to chase their dreams and get a good degree. Most of them won’t be in a position to go back to their parents until after the graduation. And most of them won’t even have any of their loved ones around on Graduation day to see the fruit of their hard work and appreciate them. The graduation ceremony is one of the best moments of your life and as for all the best moments, you would expect your loved ones to be there.

But while studying abroad, there is very little chance of our loved ones being able to attend the ceremony. We usually try to get them to visit but most of the times we end up being with our friends. Though we enjoy every bit of it with our friends, there will always remain a slight discomfort that our parents missed our graduation ceremony. There will be that pain that they are not around to look at one of the greatest accomplishments of our lives and the fruit of our 2 years of drudgery achieved by staying away from everyone we love.

This could be avoided if the university live streams the ceremony on its web. But that is considered a lot of hard work and involves big buck. Even if the college is in a position to afford the finances, the work it is going to take according to the old standards of using high edge cameras, cranes, microphones and other broadcast-related equipment is thought to be too much, ultimately making them give up the idea. Most colleges make a recording of the event using one or two cameras and make it available to the students so that they can show it to their loved ones later.

This is where devices like Freedocast comes to aid. Freedocast makes live streaming an easier task involving the lowest amount of money. The one thing that is needed to be done is connect the device to a Video camera and it takes you live wherever you want on the web. The device allows live streaming on Multiple social media websites and your personal URL simultaneously. You can reach any part of the world and live stream your, or your college’s special events in a jiffy. Live streaming devices like Freedocast make it possible for colleges to fulfill every foreign student’s dream of their parents being able to watch their graduation ceremony.


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