Live streaming on Facebook through Freedocast device is a simple process. You can Go Live with a few simple selections on your Smartphone App designed to remotely control the device and the live stream.

Freedocast device allows live streaming on all the social media apps simultaneously using a high-resolution camera. The App also allows a selection of features like Adaptive Bitrate Streaming, Analytics, Geo Blocking, Ad Integration, Password Protection, Branding etc. Also, the device allows live streaming on multiple Facebook pages at the same time. These features combined with the high-quality video and audio will make your live stream worthwhile and fun at the same time.

How to go live on Facebook using Freedocast

Go Live on Facebook through the device with these simple steps

Step-1: Basic connections

  • Connect your camera, Microphone to the device. Check all the power connections.

Step-2: Device Connection

  • Open the already paired Freedocast Pro App and connect it to the device by logging in and tapping on device name.

Step-3: Event Selection

  • The next step in the process is event selection. Always Create an event so that people can find your video without much effort.

Step-4: Select Facebook Live

  • Go to Settings page and select Multiple platforms tab. At the appearance of all the available social media platforms, tap on Add button under Facebook live.

Step-5: Provide Permissions

  • Login to your Facebook account and provide the required permissions.

Step-6: Streaming options

  • Choose where you want to stream to, to your personal timeline or a page that you manage.

Step-7: Go Live

  • Tap on Go Live and start streaming

Freedocast also allows the branding of your video with your own personal or professional Logo.

Here’s How you can add the Signature

  • Settings > Branding > Upload Logo.
  • Select the position
  • Go Live

Points to Remember for a successful live stream on Facebook

  • Advertising the event
  • Punctuality
  • Maintaining quality
  • Gathering viewership
  • Engaging content
  • Audience interaction