The ease of live streaming while opened up a ton of opportunities across numerous professions, many of the video makers of Youtube still lay in the dark. In an attempt to enlighten some of the distinct professional video makers, this article highlights the benefits and the ways to make a better use of live video broadcasting in various fields of Art and Craft Making like Complex Origami Crafts, Homemade Crafts, Jewellery making, Handicrafts, and any Creative Crafts.

live stream diy craftsA myriad number of people are earning money online by making various DIY Crafts videos for users. These people come up with an idea and make a video of it and post it on the most used social platforms like Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter. The engagement of audience though is achievable over time, one cannot get instant analytics of who is the audience and how they are responding to the making of the craft. The procedure also rules out the possibility of immediate response and compels you to either respond to comments or through another video. This escalates the time interim between the videos which makes it a slow expedition.

The situation can be handled if the craft video makers turn to live stream. Live streaming Art and Crafts videos allow the maker to interact with the audience in live and respond to them or even show them an easy way if they do not understand the maneuver. You can even ask the audience their interest and make the craft in your next video which encourages the audience to actively participate in the upcoming ones.

Live streaming also boosts the audience reach since usage of devices and platforms like Freedocast allows you to simultaneously broadcast your video to various social media platforms.

The platforms offer analytics of the video which lets you analyze the user engagement, and other features to make your live stream better and better. Encoding, Ad integration, Video Embedding, White labeling, Password Protection, etc. are some of the options that these platforms offer and that can help you make the video more professional.

Another significant advantage of live streaming is that after the live stream, the video can be made available online- in your page, channel or the personal website which lets the users who missed the live stream to access it anytime they wish.

Doing a live stream

Doing a live stream for the first time can look intimidating but can be a walk in the park if you are fully prepared. Though the basic equipment like camera, microphone, tripods remains the same, things like live streaming device, internet connection, power backup, etc., are essential for a live stream. Live streams can be a huge hit if everything including the advertising part is executed right. Being prepared for every possible setback usually, allows this to happen.

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Also, keep everything that is essential for the craftwork ready and at your arm’s reach. A backup of every one of those items that are vital to the process might prove mighty useful to the process. Since running around looking for items during the live stream isn’t exactly a crowd puller, keep your backup items labeled and easy for anybody to find.

Negative effects

Mistakes are pretty common for beginners. But if you go live without the right content and the right amount of preparation live stream can have a negative effect on your reputation and this can reduce the audience from tuning to your live stream the next time. Preparation of not just the content but on the way the camera needs to be operated (angles, zooming etc.,) and avoiding the most common mistakes like operating at low bandwidths, lacking power back up etc. can save from these negative effects.

In its entirety, live streaming is purely a futuristic element and can improve your individual progress in the world of video making. Starting off at its inception will give you a head start over other Craft makers and will definitely put you ahead of the game. Check out our different articles on methods, tips and the benefits of live streaming to know more.


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