One of the few benefits of organizational live streaming is that it can be used externally to engage the customers as well as internally to engage the employees. While the benefits of engaging customers are clear to all and had been discussed before, the concept of engaging employees using live streaming is something that is innovative and can be a powerful tool. Here we will elaborate on both the concepts, their benefits.

Live Stream Engaging Customers

Live streaming benefits of engaging customers are innumerable. One can live stream product explanations, interviews with the creators, interviews with the other customers explaining the benefits of the products, the versatility of product usage, etc. The streaming content must be highly creative and funny to be engaging.

Live Stream Company NewsProduct explanations, since can be message-oriented might turn out to be boring for the customers. Look for highly creative ways to explain about the product, like making a short film about how the product is useful, an animation video explaining its benefits, etc.

Educational websites can bank on interviews with scientists, professors and highly revered people in the relevant fields. Engaging interviews that explore profound futuristic topics always garner the interest of the people worldwide. Educational websites can use an ocean of topics to live stream.

Any kind of website can choose their relevant topics to create good quality live streams and inform the customers about them through social media, Ad Campaigns, etc., to amplify their business.

Employee Engagement

HR Departments organize various fun activities for the employees to keep them encouraged and make work fun. One aspect that most companies miss on is providing the proper encouragement and inspiration for the employees. Though this happens at the managerial level i.e., from manager to the team among all chains, it doesn’t contribute to the whole company since everyone has an explanation of their own.

The message will be far more effective when the Founders and the top-level creators of the company relay their message to every employee working for the organization. This is usually done in company meets that don’t happen very often. Live streaming helps in this area without ever disrupting the work time or productivity.

Once a month if a live stream can be scheduled updating each and every employee of the updates, the progress, and the expected targets it can boost the productivity of the employees and make them feel that their work contributes to the whole. One can also update about the best performing team in the live stream which can make the teams work in friendly competition with each other which in turn can add to the output of the company.

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