Carnivals are one of the most celebratory places in the world both to adults and to children. They are also among the few places that can be enjoyed virtually. Live streaming Carnivals can be a great business idea for your live streaming channel or social media page. But, how to select the right carnival? This is a question that requires some explanation.

There are famous carnivals that happen in some of the most popular towns in the world and there are some carnivals that many people don’t have an idea about. The most famous carnivals like the Rio De Janeiro, Mardi Gras, The Carnival of Venice, etc., are highly popular and attract millions of travelers from around the world.

Live streaming these may seem to be a unique opportunity to make your live streams popular. But there are plenty of videos of them online and the news channels broadcast the important features for the world audience. With the amount of content out there, it might seem difficult to think of a new angle to narrate the story of such popular carnivals in a novel way. But if you can think of one, that story might be your ticket to a viral live stream.

The alternative is to select a moderately popular carnival that has a splendid back story and happen in your town or city. Live streaming carnivals like these is a great idea since there is so much material to work with. Starting with the back story, the live streaming video can cover the entire carnival, it’s special features, foods, rides, shops, etc.

Carnivals are not restricted to a single geographical location. They happen worldwide and are enjoyed by all sects of people. The number of people who visit carnivals has reduced as people have become incredibly busy with their daily lives. A significant population still enjoy watching them online to gain the satisfaction of the visit. Live streams cater to these people and can prove to increase their satisfaction as the virtual experience will be live.

So, the next time your town organizes a carnival or the next time you visit a place that has a beautiful carnival grab your camera, your Freedocast device and start streaming. Make sure you advertise it adequately though. Check out our article on how to advertise a live streaming event on social media.