Many churches in order to spread the message are resorting towards advanced technologies like live streaming their services onto websites. It is common knowledge that Live streaming services can benefit any organization/ community.

But how can it be done easily with a limited amount of resources? Let us see.

Church Streaming ServicesAs we all know, broadcasting on a Satellite network demands lion’s share of resources from the interested parties which is not an option for many. Being this the reason, many churches refrain from broadcasting. Depending on what the congregation can afford, some churches chose to reach people through major networks which air spirituality programs only in the morning hours and some chose to go on dedicated networks which are less expensive.

Though all churches long to spread the message one way or the other, many take a step back due to the lack of resources. But the world is moving away from Television and towards the internet every day. Owing to this transition, there are many churches which record their worships and sermons and put them on their websites and social media, for church members to watch in their own time. Though there is a set of a population that is interested in doing so, most of the people want to be a part of the regular worship on Sunday or on any other important day.

To cater to this population, churches have started to live stream the services on important days such as Christmas, etc. Bigger congregations have started live streaming Sunday sermons to provide to the people who could not attend the church in person. Though there are many churches that want to provide the same, the lack of knowledge about live streaming is making them to restrict themselves to the traditional holiday worships and methods.

But one must know that with the technological advancements, it has become comparably easy to live stream events. All you need is a High-Resolution camera, a microphone, a decent internet connection and live streaming device to connect with the believers that are on the other end of the world. Connect the microphone and the camera to the device and connect it to the internet with the help of the app that is designed to remotely control the device. The step by step process is available here: Video Tutorials – Freedocast Installation, Box Registration, Connecting to the Device

On tapping on GO Live, the sermon becomes live on your website and the social media platforms that you select. With a process as simple as this, one can use live streaming for regular church worships other than limiting themselves to just the important days. Check out our article on live streaming Christmas worship to know more.