Live streaming of conferences and meetings has increased lately since it has provided the ability to share your ideas and visions with a larger audience. When there is conference or a meeting set up at a particular venue, there is pretty good chance that many of the interested candidates miss it for various reasons. Live video broadcasting allows these people to take part in the meeting along with the ones that are able to attend. Studies show that Live streaming of conferences and meetings increased the attendance by 30%, most of which are members that have never attended any physical event.

How to Live Stream A Business Conference using FreedocastStreaming conferences or Meetings live has proven to be largely effective to save money and resources too. Besides saving the thousands of Dollars that you spend on flying the delegates from some remote area to your city, or vice versa, streaming your conference live can help you build a virtual network creating a virtual community. Live streaming and archiving can help you keep a record and lets you, the audience and the people who missed the conference watch it anytime they want.

This multiple streaming can be used in multiple divisions i.e., to broadcast School/ College- Classes/ Training sessions, Alumni Events, Student Festivals, Sports events, live matches, Celebrity/ Politician interviews, Personal/ Professional Events, Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Government campaigns, Press Conferences, and many more.

How to Stream?

YuppTV brings you a device that lets you Live Stream your Conferences on multiple channels at a time. Freedocast by YuppTV makes this possible by broadcasting your video on platforms like Facebook live, Youtube live, Twitter, Periscope or any Custom URL of your choice.

The device supports HD Video Streaming. It has HDMI In/Out, Rechargeable battery, Mic In, AV Out, Wi-Fi/ Ethernet Support, Headphone out, and USB Storage. Freedocast comes with an app which acts as the remote to control quality, Start/ Stop the broadcast, and Streaming.

Besides live streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously, Freedocast also possess features like Adaptive Bitrate, Live DVR, Analytics, Video Archive, Geo Blocking, Embedding, Pay per View, Ads integration, Password Protected Events etc. Essentially, the device lets you run your own channel on the internet and that too on multiple platforms.

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