Live streaming has brought a revolutionary change in the technological pace. It had brought the entire media and marketing to the hands of a commoner cutting off the link between the established popular channels and Marketers. The grounds have now shifted to social media platforms where people spend most of their time. and this is where live streaming is making its mark giving people the info it needs in the space that they feel most comfortable in.

While the question of offering the best content to the users has been answered several times before, a better way to engage customers, drive traffic or sell your product is to organize Live contests and Giveaways that make the users want to take part. Anyone who has been familiar with the most basic of marketing strategies is knowledgeable of the fact that free stuff will sell.

Any product big or small, if launched graciously on a splendid platform in all its grandeur is bound to make noise until a significant number of bad reviews kill it. But, if the product is even slightly close to being good, it will make its mark in the market and will withstand competition for a long time. What about the products that cannot be launched majestically?

There are plenty of products in the market no one knew a thing about when they were launched but made billions after they’ve been launched because of their usefulness. Fortunately, those circumstances are no longer viable, and any product can now be launched and can be exposed to a small audience in the online world. But launching alone won’t sell products. People must use your product and give their feedback of it so that other people can be inspired by it and buy. Like no other time in history, user reviews have been carrying more weight to a product’s marketability than the company’s brand name or its history.

Product Giveaways are the best way to gain these when the product is known to a limited number of audiences. Setting up a Live Stream Video, explaining the product and giving away the samples to the users who comment first or are more engaged in the video is the best way to do this. Their feedback will add value to the product that might grant a spectacular boost to your product/ brand.

After the brand has been established and the product is quite popular, a contest might help a boost in sales. Orchestrating a live stream where you conduct a contest urging users to either buy your product so that they can win something or win the product by answering something, will be a great marketing move. This can be organized in the infancy of the product launch too but since the audience number will be minimal, gaining a significant boost will be tough. The Contest can be held in the site or elsewhere offline and the announcement can be done in live too.

While the contest or giveaway live stream might help you to gain a boost in sales, it is pertinent that the live stream gathers more users for it to be a success. Advertising adequately to gather more audience is as important as the contest or giveaway itself. Check out our article on Advertising to make your live stream even more successful.

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