Live streaming can be a powerful tool in any of the Education sectors. The effective usage in sectors like Music, Dance, Crafts, etc., has been discussed in the past. But it is rarely ever said that live streaming can be used in complex sectors like Medical Industry too.

We all are familiar with the concept that Medical knowledge isn’t something that one can gain virtually. The sector is known for its hardship, years of study, training, and practical experience. It is also reputable for its high tuition fee that leaves years of Student loans after becoming a professional.

Benefits of Medical EducationConsidering all these factors, it is highly uncommon that medical industry attracts plenty of individuals from a normal middle-class family in the third world countries. A study says that India, one of the largest and fastest developing nations in the world produces just over 50,000 Medical Graduates/ year. Many third world countries including India lacks the ideal number of Doctors per 1000 people which is 1.

While we know that mortality rate is high in these nations due to the lack/unavailability of Doctors, no exploration into finding a practical solution had ever been carried out. Even if there is one, it is bound by the regulations of the nation which is desperately trying to keep up its reputation regarding the quality.

While this helps to maintain the quality of medical care received by the average population in cities and towns, it also restricts the reach of substandard medical care in rural areas where there is none. A plethora of third world population dies of simple treatable/ curable infectious diseases like Tuberculosis, Malaria, Hepatitis, Jaundice, Dengue Fever, Leptospirosis, Filaria, etc.

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The lack of people with basic diagnostic knowledge in rural and undeveloped areas in third world countries can be mentioned as the reason for this. But what we fail to recognise is that after spending so many years laboring day in and day out to become a doctor, no individual in their right mind would go and treat the people who cannot even afford the medicine. Even if they did so, how can one expect to pay the piled-up student loans?

Here is where live streaming can pitch in. Out of the many courses that are available online, medical courses occupy the least number of positions due to the aforementioned and many other reasons. Though live streaming cannot offer the essential surgical knowledge to become a full-fledged doctor, one can teach the basic diagnostic skills and treatments in live which can help save lives in areas where there is little to no medical care available.

Another area where live streaming can help the medical industry is sharing the live surgical procedures to students studying medicines. An internal network sharing various screens and feed from the cameras in a live procedure can help the organization to learn a lot more about surgeries and the complications arising while carrying them out.

All that is necessary to offer this knowledge is a live streaming device, an HD Camera, a Microphone, and a decent internet connection. Be it from a website or from a social media platform – live streaming benefits of Medical Education can educate and save many more lives.

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