The live streaming device that can broadcast content to different social media websites simultaneously can be the biggest asset to the businesses of various kind. We have discussed most of these Applications in the past. But did you know that it can be used in travel industry too? One of the major uses of this device is to share live travel videos in High Definition. What can be better than to share your best moments when you are on a tour to the world’s most beautiful places?

The Freedocast device gives you a high-resolution video along with a quality audio which cannot be obtained through a Smartphone. When a person is at a place enjoying the most beautiful sunrise or picturesque nature, he would want to share the moment with his loved ones. Live streaming through a phone cannot make this possible as it can yield a blurred video for many reasons like phone cameras lacking quality, unstable internet connection etc. This will ruin the experience for both the person and his loved ones at home.

Livestream Travel DiariesThis is where travel industry can chip in and make the moment special for both the person present at the travel spot and his loved ones back at home. Travel guides and videographers who know the place and angles better than the others can get the perfect shot or video of the place or nature around, making the moment memorable. A better class of Cameras and Internet connection are quintessential for this purpose. When the travel industries can invest in this sector, they can make memories for millions of people who visit the place and their families simultaneously.

Streaming from a travel site live can be a good business since there are many people who would want to use the internet for various purposes. Providing them live streaming option to share the travel experience is a step ahead in the game of providing photographers at tourist places. There is a chance of monetizing the content with the device. The videos which can be concurrently shared on various social media platforms or can be put to pay per view on personal websites.

Also, there is no scarcity of the people who are enthusiastic to have an experience like that virtually. The fact that not many people can afford a tour to most of the beautiful places of the world, the travel guides personally or the industry, on the whole, can cater them what they need. The videos can also boost the business since they act as indirect advertisements for the company.


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