Content Creators that have been using Youtube for a while are aware of the importance of sharing the content on various platforms. But with the increased number of content delivery platforms and online channels that allow streaming of content from a single organization in a loop, sticking to a single platform proves to be inadequate if business augmentation is on the mind.

While there is a wide range of possibility in the present methods, there must be an upgrade in how we provide our content depending on the technology available. Content provision through websites and social media platforms is being done for many years and the profitability through this is more than adequate. After a while, Live streaming has brought upon an upgrade in this process increasing the audience reach by multifold.

With Live streaming, there were plenty of features that came into existence like Live Branding and simultaneous sharing on multiple platforms which enhanced the profitability of the technique. Live Streaming and sharing created the possibility of running ads on your content on various platforms generate more revenue than running it on a single website. Even the recorded videos of the live stream can generate revenue when shared on various platforms.

While these are techniques that are in usage currently, another form of the solution has been developed by the Freedocast Team with the name Cloud Playout Solutions. It offers content creators (independent and organizations), be it Youtubers, or ardent users of any other platform, a chance to create a channel and make it live on any OTT platforms or other desired destinations.

All one needs is abundant content to share on their channel. Freedocast Cloud playout software allows the creators to upload the content, create playlists and manage them, features to add graphics, tickers, etc., and the power of program scheduling. There is also a provision to switch between live and scheduled playlists, which can drive traffic to your live streams along with the channel.

As OTT platforms constantly require content, independent creators can come into agreement to provide their content which in turn can generate even more revenue. And the process can improve the reach since OTT platforms comprise more users than individual creators.

Even for small to medium-sized organizations thriving in content creation can use this cloud broadcast software to gather a new audience. Since content would already be available, all they would require is a channel to run their content 24×7. Freedocast’s cloud broadcast software allows channel creation and cloud-based tv broadcasting that can be streamed through OTT platforms that are accessed by more audience.

How can this be Beneficial?

Online channels are in demand currently and with the right content they can be a huge source of revenue. Many individual OTT platforms have come up recently profiting from this requirement. If an independent creator or an organization can offer content on a single platform and make it available for millions of audiences across the world, it can drive traffic to the website, increase sales, or market his products more effectively. Even live streamers can benefit from this option since the offline content can, in turn, drive traffic to the live streams.

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