The many benefits of live streaming devices have been discussed on the blog previously. The mechanics of going live on various social media platforms have also been described using easy steps. But many queries still arise as to how to go live on personal websites. Addressing those queries this article focuses on describing the procedure of going live through personal websites.

Finally, when you own a live streaming device, it is natural to be excited about the first live stream. The essential equipment to carry out live streaming and the necessary measures that are to be taken have been discussed in the past. If you are new to live streaming please check out our articles titled Essential Live Streaming Equipment to Start Broadcasting Now, 16 Extraordinary Tips for a Smooth Live Streaming Video and Top Live Streaming Mistakes to Avoid.

How To Go Live Using FreedocastAfter the accumulation of essential equipment to record like camera, microphone, and a live streaming device to live stream, to broadcast the video connect the audio and video source to the Freedocast live streaming device and start broadcasting using the Mobile App.

In order to live stream the broadcasting video on your website an embed code is required.


Here’s how you obtain the embed code.

  • Login to your Freedocast platform
  • Go to Events Page
  • Select the Videos Button
  • Click on three dots of the video to obtain Share option
  • Select Embed URL
  • Copy
  • Add it to the player on your website

The video will be live on your website.