Freedocast now offers you the luxury to add your logo to every one of your live streaming videos.

Branding through Freedocast - Add a logo to your videosHaving a signature of your own on your live streaming video is a luxury that people can rarely afford. The time it takes and the finances it requires, simply makes people opt out of that option even if they wish to have their own brand advertised. The spontaneity of Live streaming is another element that restricts the branding of the video. A lot of video makers go unnoticed even after providing some of the best videos of all time.

The Branding of live streaming videos changes all this and brings the video makers and the companies into the limelight. Also, the videos become more recognizable to the audience with the addition of a brand logo which harvests free publicity for the corporates and businesses. The option is advantageous to the individual live streamers too. Marking the video with your Signature protects the video if it is made available after the broadcast and allows no one other than the maker to take the credit.

How to Add Logo to Live Stream through Freedocast Pro

Branding through Freedocast can be done in 5 simple steps.

1.Login to your Freedocast Account

2.Go to Settings

3.Click / Tap on Branding

4.Upload Logo

5.Select the position

Things to Remember

Adding Logo to Live Broadcast is an extraordinary feature, but some points are a must to remember to make it blend in the video and not be a distraction.

  • Make sure that the logo size is such that the brand is recognisable but is not obstructive to the video in any way.
  • The position of the logo must be selected accordingly as well. Corners usually are the best places for logo placement.
  • Select the colour of the logo such that it goes well with the video at all times. Too bright colours tend to be a distraction. Transparent logos work well with all kinds of videos.

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