Be it a church, Temple, Masjid, or a Monastery, it is important for the word to reach the maximum number of people and live streaming of your sermons from your place of worship does exactly that. A lot of religious groups nowadays are streaming not just the important events online but also the regular live worship that take place on every other weekday and weekend. But the broadcast is limited to their personal websites and/ or Youtube live.

Let’s face it, not all the groups can afford broadcasting their sermons or worship live on cable television. And many communities though big on the pocket lack the necessary resources (Technology/ Equipment) or are afraid of the effort to live stream their events because of lack of knowledge on how to live stream directly without expert help. Let us tell you, how.

High Quality Live Streaming for your place of WorshipWhile a good video camera and an internet connection are a necessity, there are a lot of things to be taken care of other than this one piece of equipment for the live streaming to be a successful event. People who are regularly recording their sermons are aware of the equipment like Audio equipment (wireless mics, Mixing boards and software), Tripod Stands, Cranes etc. Live streaming doesn’t necessarily require this much or more equipment than this, but it definitely helps you acquire a decent quality video.

The platform you choose to live stream your worship music or worship service video requires a great deal of your concern because it is the one thing that decides the extent of your reach. You will need a device or a platform that lets you broadcast simultaneously on all the different social media and your website. This includes Youtube Live, Facebook Live and Periscope along with your website. Simultaneous live stream on multiple platforms not only gathers you a larger audience but also gains you a better credibility.

High Quality Live Streaming for your place of WorshipFreedocast is one such device that helps you live stream simultaneously on various sites. The device can be connected to your video camera directly and can be operated with a remote App. This device lets you live stream with an adaptive bitrate so that you don’t worry about the speed of your internet before streaming, provided that it is not too slow.

Live streaming of religious sermons and events is one of the things followed by different religious groups and communities since there is a great expanse in the viewership and it lets new members to join your sect by checking the talks beforehand. On the plus side, live streaming online through platform is cost reducing and provides flexibility.


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