Facebook live can be used for countless professional purposes most of which involve sharing of Teaching Sessions, Conferences, Seminars, College/ Sports Events, Celebrity interviews, etc. There have also been instances where it has been used for trivial purposes like sharing Birthday parties, unpredicted moments, embarrassing situations, Celebrity News, and to talk to family and friends, etc.

For Facebook Live you use mostly mobile phone for live broadcasting which may not be of good quality. Also, the engagement is less due to shaky video and constraints when you take video through a mobile camera. Freedocast Pro Device lets you overcome these drawbacks by letting you connect any Video Camera through HDMI cable and enhancing the quality by a thousand times. Also, Freedocast helps you share your content through live streaming simultaneously on various platforms. In this case, it can help you stream your video live with HD quality, through Facebook sans the presence of the Facebook app in your phone. You can even create an event which lets you promote the event beforehand in the social networks.

All you need to do is log into your Facebook account through Freedocast, select the timeline or page which you manage, click on connect and then tap on Go Live. And each time you want to share something through Facebook live or YouTube live, Twitter or Periscope, log into Freedocast and start sharing. Facebook live has been useful to bring people closer- like Celebrities to their fans, CEOs to their employees, Corporate tycoons with the desired audience, etc., and Freedocast Platform is one of the few live broadcasting services that make this connection easier with options like HD streaming, Adaptive Bitrate etc.