Talent finds its way regardless of the circumstances. We all believe concepts that make us feel good and gives us a glimmer of hope in the darkest of nights. But we never dare to look at the how because that’s where the reality sets in. In this era of Maximum Socialization and exposure, we are drowned in information from which it has become harder to attain the targeted exposure.

There exist Sponsors who are on a talent hunt every single day and there are aspiring artists that are seeking recognition. But the bridge that was once absent is now crowded with hardcore copyright violators and talentless hacks. As a result, the search has become harder and the seekers remain stuck giving way to an ocean of mediocre art that is being forced upon the ordinary people.

With the advent of video hosting websites like Youtube, it was believed that this problem was solved once and forever. But, as discussed, with the amount of intellectual theft that is happening around the world on websites like these, there has generated a doubt among the sponsors whether their investment is going to the right people. The result is that talent hunt is again being restricted to the closest circles leaving altogether a plethora of talent among the masses.

This predicament can be overcome by live streaming where you cannot fake, edit or retake anything for perfection. The increasing familiarity with live streaming has already put us ahead of most since the World is still catching up. The simplicity of streaming live in major social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook and Periscope allows every Tom, Dick, and Harry in the world to misuse it. This became a massive reason for the entrepreneurs to skip these unless a program is being streamed by a television channel or sponsored by a Brand.

Another reason for this filtration is the quality of the stream which when streamed by professionals remains unparalleled when compared with those without any professional equipment. But the tide has turned on that one. The arrival of live streaming devices like Freedocast has made it easier to achieve an output equivalent to that of professional tv stations. With a simple device, a platform to broadcast, and an internet connection one can reach stream live with the highest quality to any place in the world.

How does this help the College/ Street Bands?

If there is one thing that differs talented musicians from others, it is the ability to create. Anyone can reproduce sounds they have heard on the internet. Anyone can differently remix a song that has been sung before. But to create a whole new composition, it takes more than talent. If your band is capable of producing novel music and if you are out there waiting for someone to discover your talents, consider your wait to be over.

All you need is a sound mixer, a Video Camera and a Freedocast Device. Live stream some of your bands’ own compositions to the world and gain exposure. Great opportunities always arise from planning. And to earn the right kind of attention, one must follow some simple tips.

Practice to perfection

One great and terrifying element about live streaming is that it is live. There are no retakes and one mistake will turn off your audience’s attention in a snap. We live in a world with minimal attention spans and if you are trying to capture someone’s attention for a longer time than they are willing to, you better come prepared.

Market your Band

Choose a cool logo for your band. Create Social Media Pages, if possible, a website. A little investment in the right direction goes a long way. Make sure your brand is present online and has acquired some following before you go live for the first time. Advertise as much as you can about the day of the live stream and build up suspense around the songs that you are going to perform. And again, Remember- Nothing beats Originality.

Hire Experienced Professionals

This is the most underrated element in any event that is planned in the market as we usually do not think of the extremes when thinking about an event. Remember Murphy’s Law- “Anything that can Go Wrong will go Wrong”. This applies to any situation in life and who better to handle crises than experienced Professionals? Of course, there will be some roadblocks if you are looking for a bargain but remember- a good relationship with a professional can go a long way.

Do not Cheap out on the Equipment

Any other event would have the liberty to use any kind of equipment, but a musical event must use the best of everything. Musicians know this for a fact. Hire the best electronic equipment from the local stores and make use of it in the best possible way. Double-check to make sure that each piece of the equipment is working and keep spares for key equipment like Cables, Microphones, etc.

And Now Finally,

Live Streaming Equipment and Broadcast

Freedocast Live streaming equipment comprises of a simple Live Streaming device that lets you connect a Video Camera, an HDMI Cable, an Aux, and an internet Dongle. The device also comes with Wi-Fi connectivity to stream the best quality video and audio. It is also self-powered with 2.5+ hours of Rechargeable Li-ion battery.

Any live streaming device requires a broadcast platform that lets you distribute the content to the ends of the Earth. The platform offers great features to better stream your content like Adaptive Bitrate Streaming, Analytics, Geo-Blocking, URL Embedding, Scheduling, Live DVR, Cloud Recording, Ad Integration, Branding, and Password Protection.

The most significant of these is the Branding feature that lets you personalize your content and make your presence known online. This feature also keeps your content safe from intellectual theft and helps you reach a greater audience after the live stream.

Check out the Freedocast Website and the spectacular plans that help you choose. You can even sign up for the free trial using the link below to experience the platform and benefits firsthand.