The explosion of technological advancements and the internet usage is merely visible in the world. The incremental reliance on the online content is higher than ever it was. Parallelly grew the sector of online content provision. Every satellite channel is now available online to watch through various service providers. The transition from the television to the internet is happening faster than anyone has ever expected, and this transition can actually prove to be beneficial to Start-Ups based on the content provision.

Creation of online channels which was restricted to some of the top video sharing platforms is now available to businesses and individuals through live streaming platforms like Freedocast. Through live streaming platforms, one can directly stream live video in HD quality to the subscribers, registered users, and to the followers on social media platforms while embedding the same in their personal websites.

Secure Live Streaming PlatformLive streaming platforms offer various features to the content providers for a secured and seamless streaming of the content they are providing. The features offered in Freedocast include Adaptive Bitrate Streaming, Geo-Blocking, Password Protection, Branding, Ad Integration, etc. Of these, the Geo-Blocking, Branding and Password Protection features aid in securing the stream while the others help in uninterrupted streaming.

But, how exactly these features can help in securing your live streaming content? Let us see.


Being able to mark your video with your own brand logo is a feature scarcely offered by the platforms. Though unofficial, the proprietorship of your work exclusively stays with you when your signature is visible on the content. This is one of the most important options when it comes to securing original content whether it is generated by an individual or an organization.

Password Protection

Another form of security offered by the live streaming platforms is Password protection of content. Restricting the access to registered audience limits the possibility of content theft and also makes it easy for the tracking of the viewership. This feature can be highly beneficial for corporations when streaming in-house meetings, events or conferences that contain sensitive information.


Geo-Blocking option that helps content restriction in certain regions is highly valuable to corporations doing businesses overseas or individuals transferring valuable information online. Event Organizing sectors, Entertainment industries can benefit from this option which helps in protection of content from piracy.

Other than this Freedocast’s copyright and DMCA policy helps the users to protect their content from infringement if a complaint about the theft is launched. The presence of options like these, is what makes Freedocast one of the most secure live streaming platform. Try out the options in our free trial by signing up Now.

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