Live streaming is taking the world slowly but at a steady pace. Live streaming platforms that are making content delivery easy are growing by the day and beginners who want to start streaming are really confused to choose. Almost all the platforms offer similar kind of features and it can become quite difficult when you are new to the field. Our suggestion? Go with whatever you can afford.

Live streaming platformMost of the biggest ideas come to life when the decision time is reduced and the person acts. Every person starting something new is aware that if choosing something takes a lion’s share of your time, then the process of procrastination takes over resulting in not so expected results. So, the best course of action is to choose and start streaming the content.

Basic Features

Streaming content requires the most basic of features and here are some that you must cross off your checklist to select.

Ample amount of Bandwidth

Calculate the amount of Bandwidth that is required to stream your content. Different types of content require different bandwidths. If you want to stream to a wide range of devices, more bandwidth can be consumed and the cost of extra bandwidth (if consumed) must be taken into account.

Simultaneous Streaming

Many platforms fail to provide this option as the social media websites don’t allow streaming platforms to simultaneously stream content in two social media platforms at once. Check out the platforms with this feature as it can exponentially improve the reach.

Streaming to Custom RTMP Destinations

This feature comes with gargantuan terms and conditions from many platforms. Look for a platform that allows you to stream to custom destinations without much difficulty. To be able to stream to more than one destination is an added advantage to serious streams focused on generating revenue.

Encoder Setup

External Encoder support is one of the most common features available in live streaming platforms. During the selection of an encoder setup, it might benefit for you to select an encoder that allows you to stream both video and audio at multiple bitrates. Though this might increase the Bandwidth consumption, the incremental audience reach balances the expenditure.

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Embed URL option

Embed URLs help some type of streamers more than other. If it is a necessity for the streamer to be able to embed another video while streaming, this feature is a must. Even if it is not an essentiality, it might help to select a platform that supports this option.


The most important part of your stream – the aftermath results are offered by Analytics. Analytics help the streamers to know how the live stream had worked and the areas where improvements are necessary. Analytics is an integral part of live video streaming that helps in the betterment of the stream, in turn, improving the reach/ business.

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Most often, it is not just the content of the video that sticks in the minds of the people but it is the brand too. A brand that streams good content every time makes people look for it instead of the content after a certain period of time. As good as your content might be, without your signature on it, it will be just another video in the lot.

There are some extra features like Email and call support, mobile capture, Geo-Blocking, etc., but to know the efficiency of these options one must first use the platform.

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