Reinventing the procedure of Live Streaming, Freedocast brought forth the revolutionary Freedocast Pro Device and Platform which made live streaming powerful and simple at the same time. The process which was strenuous and lacked quality became easier and superior because of the device. Owing to its exceptional features, and myriad of Applications Freedocast presents the Device might look Super hard to control.

But the setting up of the device, is quite easy. All you have to do is connect the device to the Freedocast App in your phone which in turn controls the device. In order to make this process easy, we have made a video describing how to connect the Freedocast device with the phone.

Here is a step by step procedure to connect the Freedocast Pro Device to your Mobile phone

For Android Users:

Step 1: Install the Freedocast Pro App

Step 2: Open the App- Go through the Introductory Images. Click on Next

Step-3: Tap on “Allow” and wait till your device’s Name appears. (the Box ID is your Device’s Name)

Step-4: Select the Device with your Box ID on it. (You can find the Box ID at the back of the device). Click on Next

Step-5: Obtain the Pairing ID

(Pairing ID is obtained when the Freedocast Device is Registered on your Freedocast Account)

To Obtain the Pairing ID

  • Step-A
    • Tap on New User
  • Step-B
    • Sign Up
  • Step-C
    • Enter your Phone Number
    • Enter the confirmation code sent to your phone
  • Step-D
    • Create a Password
    • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Step-E
    • Tap on “Verify Now” to Verify your Email Address
    • Enter the 4 Digit OTP sent to the Email ID.
    • Tap on Verify
  • Step-F
    • Tap on the Menu
    • Select the Device Management
    • Tap on Add Device
    • Enter the Box ID
    • Tap on Next
  • Step-G
    • Name your Device
    • Tap on Next
  • Step-H
    • Copy Pairing ID
    • Close the pop up
    • Tap on ß on the Top Left Corner

Step 6: Paste your Paring ID. Click on Next

Step 7: Select the Mode of Connection (Wi-Fi / Ethernet)

Step-8: Enter the Credentials to give the device access. Tap on Yes

Your connection to the device is Successful.

For iOS Users

Step 1 & Step 2 are the same.

Step 3

  • Tap on Add New Device
  • Tap on Wi Fi Settings
  • Tap on the Hotspot Network prompted by the Device (The name of the Hotspot will be your Box ID prefixed with FCP)
  • Enter Password as shown in instructions
  • Go back to the App
  • Your Device will be visible in the Device list. (The Device name is the Box ID)

Step 4: Select the Device and Tap on Next

Step 5: Select the mode of Connection (Wi-Fi/ Ethernet)

Step 6: Enter the Credentials to give the Device Access

Step 7: Follow the “Obtaining Pairing ID” procedure mentioned in “Step 5” of Android

Step 8: Paste your Pairing ID. Click on confirm

Your connection to the device is Successful.


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